What shades bring out brown eyes?

I know someone asked a quastion about Hazel eyes and it made me wonder what about brown?Thanx for the idea and suggestions would be great :)

omga I'm so blonde. I meant shadows . thanx adat1408


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  • For brown eyes, which I have. I would suggest using warm tones.

    Shades of brown, golds, and khaki greens always look nice. Don't forget to sweep over the brow bone with a lighter shade, like a champagne.

    I love to do big fun eyes though, so if you're feeling funky try shades of blue, orangy-yellow, bright purple, or hot pink. The contrast of these colors against brown eyes look great, when applied correctly. These also look amazing with a sweep of champagne across the brow bone, and a charcoal or black liner.

    Have fun with it!

    Good luck!


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  • Aren't shades supposed to hide your eyes lol


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  • If you do 2 or three different shades of brown. For example, a light peachy color for the brow bone and all over lid. Then do a deep chocolately shade for the crease and a dark brown or black shade on the outer crease of each eye. There's also a great purple pinkish shade of eye shadow that MAC makes called "star violet" which looks great on brown eyes.

  • In high school I worked in a salon doing makeup applications, and I found that shimmery gold shadows make brown eyes look amazing. and green looks really good too. But don't go crazy with green or you will look 80's master! just a little on your lid above your eyelashes, like where eyeliner goes! I have blue eyes, but always wanted brown.they are so pretty!