He looks at me and smiles?.... what does this mean?

There is this guy that I see whenever I walk to school and whenever he sees me (while he's driving) he looks at me and smile laughs its like a smile and a hint of a laugh...its really confusing to me, I don't know if he likes me or if he's laughing at me... :/


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  • I'd say that he likes what he sees: your looks.

    If you don't know him any closer he can't have an opinion concerning your personality .


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  • hard to say but if I liked a girl I would try to smile when we passed each other, but ha ha he sounds pretty d***ish since he won't offer you a ride, especially when your both headed to the same place. lol I would just wave if I were you, If he likes you then eventually might talk to you at school or even offer you a wave. besides, he might just be a morning person who likes to greet everyone, just go with it not really a big deal.

  • he probably thinks your cute


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