Girls! Make up question! How do I get smokey eyes!!

I have brown eyes, but I don't know how to get the smokey tips & suggested make up brands will be helpful! thanks!


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  • I know you are asking for a girls input but maybe this will help ya a bit link If that video doesn't help - Just go to youtube and type in "How to get smokey eyes" and there is tons of videos and tutorials that could help you out.


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  • Get a really thick eyeliner - Maybellene or Urban Decay have some big heavy ones - and smudge it up, so it gets all grey and, well, smokey.

  • get a guy to give you two black eyes, there you go :D permanent smokey eyes


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  • start off with a foundation then let it dry

    sweep a dark color such as charcoal up to your brow bone

    take a lighter color and sweep it to the crease of your eye

    then use the lightest color such asa shimmery grey to even things out. go on to all women and type it in for a better explanation. good luck!

    • thanx!

    • Um no. Dark colors not up to the browbone. Maybe that was a typo, but would you want a dark color all the way up your eye?

    • hahaha yeah your right. I meant to switch the dark with the light. dark to crease light to brow...i think that right. sorry lol