How do I straighten my hair??

Well, the question basically says it. When I straighten my hair, it never STAYS that way. It always turns slightly frizzy and wavy. I put wax, hair spray, yet I can't seem to get my hair to say smooth and straight. Is there any products I can buy for my hair that will protect my hair some damage from using a straighening iron? Because no matter what I do, my hair just does what is wants to do! It is really frustrating!


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  • I'm a hair stylist, and I also have very long naturally very curly hair which I wear straight more than half the time.

    The first thing you need to do is invest in a REALLY good flat iron. That will make or break you when you're trying to get your curls straight and shiney. Try going to a Sally's Beauty supply or whatever Beauty supply store is near you and they will help you select one.

    I would also suggest - Straight Sexy Hair "POWER STRAIGHT straightening balm" by Sexy Hair Concepts. It works on all types of curly hair. You can actually buy this product at most pharmacy type stores or grocery stores, it's about 13 - 15 bucks, but it's definitely worth it and a little bit of this product goes a long way!

    I hope this helps you. Good luck!

    • Actually, I have that Straight Sexy Hair stuff. I got it from the salon, I think it must be my straightening iron. Thanks:) Is there anything I can put in my hair to protect it from damage?

    • The stuff that you have will help to protect your hair from the heat damage. Almost all product that is specifically made to be used with a flat iron, or blowdryer will help to protect your hair from split ends, hair frying, ect. : )


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  • My hair is naturally pretty straight, but my friend has straight up afro hair and she and I both use corioliss hair straightners. It actually makes your hair smoother and softer and works with only one swipe on your hair.

    • Yeah I don't think I have a proper hair straightener. It is better than what it was like before, but I don't think I bought the expensive one. sigh*

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    • Yeah, I should have gotten one from a salon. I got one from Wal-mart. It was 60 some dollars. Now I think it was a waste. I should have just bought expensive, instead of cheap crap. lol.

    • Yeah definatly, its not about quanity, but quality!

  • Sometimes girls are just born with that egens.its sucks. There is nothing you can do about by your self.Unless you burn your hair.

  • buy product called smoothe and seal =]

  • Paul MItchell Straight Works.

    it words wonders= D