How do girls like guys to dress?

Girls I was wondering do you prefer a guy that wears proper fitting clothing or do you like a guy that lets his jeans hang to his knees?

  • I like my guy to wear cloths that fit. Jeans, belt, nice shirt.
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  • I like my guy to wear baggy pants, long shirt, gold chain with a cross.
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  • I just want my guy to be comfortable. He likes the baggy cloths.
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  • I just want my guy to be comfortable. He likes the cloths that fit.
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  • Well, I prefer a guy that is comfortable yet presentable. he should know at the very least what should go with what, the proper size to buy, etc. I can't stand seeing a guy out and watching him pull his pants up constantly, his boxers showing. It's a horrible fad in my opinion. But I also don't like many guys who try to wear the tight skinny jeans, as many of them can't pull it off.

    • Rofl when I said cloths that fit I forgot about guys wearing the tight skinny jeans. ^^ lol I was thinking of straight legged ^^

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