What foundation is good for acne?

well I've got acne and I was wondering what foundation is good for covering it, should I use a mousse foundation or a liquid or powder? etc.. and if you have any certain good foundations what are they?


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  • bare essentials is great for acne. I used to use it and I loved it but it just didn't stay on as long as I would like. Now I use make-up forever HD foundation which is about $40 a pop so it is veerrrry pricy. I don't know if you are on a budget or not, but most of the drug store make-up aren't very good for your skin. If you are worried about your skin, go into sephora, ulta, or nordstrom and have a rep help you. The best outside of bare essentials that is cheaper and good quality is clinique. Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, and tarte are all great brands for skin health. Stay away from MAC. Even though I adore MAC cosmetics, it contains chemicals that are really bad for the skin. It would actually make cause more acne. It is suppose to be used for taking professional makeup or special occasions, but it's one of the only ones out there that gives the most coverages(covers up blemishes and such) in the market.

    You want to stick with liquid. Powder would dry up your face too much and really make your blemishes more obvious. If you're just looking for a foundation with OK coverage, look into tinted moisturizers. They're gentle of the skin.

    I can't stress enough that brand is VERY important. People think that just buying something in the drug store would be good enough, but it really isn't for skins that are sensitive. A lot of cosmetics have corn starch in it and bacteria causing acne feeds on starch so that would cause more damage than good.

    www.temptalia.com has some really good reviews on foundations out there. When you go into those cosmetic stores, don't hesitate to ask for samples. If they refuse (which I heard from nordstrom they sometimes do), fight back. That rep would get in trouble if they refuse to give you any samples. You need to see how well your skin reacts to it and how long the wear would be for the whole day.

    The average cost for a good and affordable foundation is between $20-$30. If used correctly, it would last you for 4-5 months.

    Hopes this helps, good luck.


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  • Mousse. I don't get very severe acne but I used to get spells of it sometimes, and I've always used Mousse and you never even see it. Liquid I feel would be too thin, they'd show up almost more prominent through it, and powder would cause those horrible little lumps you get, you ever see those? That are bigger than what the spot was like originally, and just like they're part of your face and its just... Odd.


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  • All foundation is bad for acne. You need to let your face breathe to help prevent other break outs. But being a girl I know that not wearing foundation isn't the ideal thing to have to do. I suggest using liquid but one that is light. I use studio gear (its about $20 at ulta) and it goes on light but does an amazing job as a foundation at the same time. When buying a foundation text it out on your hand. You can tell if its a thick foundation or not just by that most of the time. But remember to clean your face before bed everytime. Neutrogena has different types of makeup remover whipes, I'm sure they have something that is okay to use on acne.

  • I would recommend liquid foundation for a smooth coverage.However,people use Bare minerals,which is powder.I think it looks...okay.Ive used it and I think it's awful,but that's just me opinion.I think the texture of the skin is important as well when choosing the consistency of a foundation.Some of my fave brands are but not limited to,"BECCA"...which includes SPF and won't clog pores.Clinique is also accomodating to sensitive skin.Neutrogena is pretty cool too.And they have a formula that is suppose to help with acne I believe.Hit your local sephora or macys.Good luck

  • I like Maybelline Mineral Power liquid foundation. I don't know if it's especially good for acne, but I used it when I had acne and it covered it up well, and since it's minerals it's not bad for your skin either. It's a really nice formula in general, actually, haha.

  • Best foundations are:

    Laura Mercier Oil Free(in brownish/dark purple tube)

    Revlon Colorstay(Use the one for your skin type)


    Use a green concealer stick for redness, the perhaps a concealer and foundation, then set either with translucent powder(preferable) or colored foundation powder.

    It depends on your skin type.

    • I don't even know why you got a thumbs down for this. They're all really good choices :/ so you get a thumbs up from me

  • bb cream