Hair color question?

Alright, I'm wondering if I am a redhead, or a brunette? I get really confused.

And the next question is, what color should I dye my hair? Should I keep how it looks now, or go for a new color?



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  • WOW, YOU'RE SO PRETTY! You remind me a lot of Gillian Anderson of the X Files, & I thought she was one of the most beautiful women on television! Anyway,I'd say your hair's red, but I see why the confusion. It's almost a reddish brown kind of, but it's mostly red. And I'd stay with it IMHO. I think it's a pretty color & it compliments your complexion well. But if you really WANT a change, then you should. It's your hair, & you need to be happy with it. I'd go to a true brown if anything, but it's gonna look great no matter what...


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  • i'd say you were a red head, I wouldn't dye my hair a different colour if I had that naturally, I love it. I dye mine red which fades to orange or pink =/ wish I was a redhead.

  • I can't see the link.

    • Nevermind, it doesn't matter. Keep it red or reddish. It's unique and normal brunette hair is kinda boring, y'know? I dyed mine red.

  • you are a redhead. and it is gorgeous don't dye it! but if you really want to, then I think you could go with a medium-dark brown, like deep chestnut.