What would you prefer short hair or long hair with added extensions?

i was talking to one of my friends who is in love with beyonce and he was listing all the things that make her hott. when he mentioned her hair I had to burst his bubble and let him know that beyonce as well as a series of other celebs wear fake hair (syrus, gomez, rihanna, lopez. gaga, longoria, hilton...i could go on for days..)

so my question is to the ladies is whether they would ever wear it or if they like wearing it and if their bfs have ever told them not to wear it.

and to the fellas, is it a turn on or off or do you just not care?


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  • I'd wear it

  • I love the look of extensions. I think long thick hair is beautiful!

  • there is nothing wrong with extensions, I have worn them. to me its no different than makeup or whatever, who cares? I have never dated a guy who told me not to wear weave and if he told me not to I'd do it anyway. as long as it looks good and realistic its not a problem

    • my boyfriend doesn't like it and although I look extra hot with them I prefer my own hair.