Tight clothes?

What do you guys think of tight clothes? I don't usually wear tight clothes, just clothes that are not bags. I wear nice fitting pants. My pants are tight yet loose (if you know what I mean). I am fairly tall (5'8") 125lbs. There have been a couple of times that I wore a tighter knitt sweater. When I came in the classroom this guy wouldn't stop staring. I swear every time I looked at him he was looking at me. But the next day when I wore my usual clothes he never looked. What is up with that? Was what I wear disgusting, seductive clothes when I wore that sweater? I don't think it was, it was just a tight knitt sweater. It was lower than what I usually wear, but I don't have any boobs to worry about that. I can wear stuff like that. I don't even think that this shirt I wore was that tight, it was supposed to be fitting. But I have no curves, so why would he even look at me. I don't understand guys!


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  • Yes we like tight cloths because it gives more of your body shape away, but there is also a factor of what really fits you. I have seen girls wearing baggy cowlneck sweaters and jeans that look so sexy I would like to have them right then and there because it was the right look. I think its the same thing you look for when you are shopping, what looks really good on someone else may not look good on you. I'm guessing you look really good in a tight knit sweater!


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  • Ok well if you have a nice body then YES YES tight clothes do the trick but it also gives men the wrong idea. It's basically suggesting you want sex, sorry to say.

    • It wasn't super tight. I know what you mean by super tight, I am NOT that girl. It is a knitted sweater. I don't know if you know what exactly I am talking about. Lets just say, it is fitting, but it is not so tight that there are no wrinkles in the fabric. What am I supposed to wear "bags" all the time. That doesn't do anything for anyones shape. But I know what you mean by the tight clothes thing. ARe you saying that I can't wear fitting clothes because guys will think I am "dirty?"

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  • I think he was staring because you looked hot! You may have had a sense of confidence in you knowing you looked good and that makes a woman radiant. He could probably see that in you and just couldn't stop looking!

    • Yeah, I did feel more confident that day. Maybe people can see it?

  • Basically you look bangin in that sweater and it fits your body really well.