Why are some beautiful girls nerdy?

at my school there are a couple of girls who are "nerdy" but they are so gorgeous

whats going on?


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  • Seriouslyy ? who says that cute people can't be smart ? I think is very interesting if you date someone who can always help you with something instead of be with some kind of dumb girl who can't understand most of the things that the people say! just saying..

    • im not saying cute pople can't be smart I'm saying smart people can't be cute

    • ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Dude, I know so many extremely smart girls that are absolute f***-gorgeous. Intillect has absolutely NOTHING to do with appearence. Maybe you mean the way they dress and such? Well, It's their choice. If you mean their physical appearence, you are an insensitive little b**** aren't ya? A person is born with a face. They can't control what they look like, the parents can sorta through genes, but nonetheless, a smart person CAN indeed be GORGEOUS whether smart or not. A**.

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  • i think it's a just a plain proof that not all nerdy/smart girls are ugly or not hot :D

  • i have the girls in school who wear nerdy glasses with no lens in them on purpose, are you talking about those?

  • I'm smart but not nerdy haha..I don't think haha...:-)

    It's funny because all I here is that ugly women are nerdy and pretty ones are just dumb ha ha ohh the standards :-)

  • Hmm... Just proves that smart girls (and guys) can be attractive :)

  • Ummm...just because they are attractive doesn't mean they don't use their brain. Hello! :/

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  • Dude where do you live, I wanna move there. How can you be complaining, that's like my dream. Smart girls are so sexy.

  • Welcome to the 21st century where up is down, and nerds are hot.

  • How would you define nerdy

  • We have something in common , nerdy girls are hot here too . Even when they get straight A's -.- .

  • I've noticed this too sometimes. Now, this may be biased by my personal preference...there's certainly a certain kind of hot nerdy chick that appeals to me, but on at least a few occasions, I've gotten confirmation of the hotness from less biased sources.

    So a few theories:

    1. Smart girls are also smart enough to figure out how to be attractive to guys.

    2. Some girls who are born naturally attractive don't have to worry about their appearance, so they decide to focus on other things like doing well in school.

    3. Genes and diet. Nerdy guys have enough money to marry hot babes, and then raise their kids on a good diet.

    4. Karmic justice. It's Revenge of the Nerds all over again.

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