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What does it mean when a guy places a hand on your upper back while talking to you?


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  • it means I want you to be comfortable around me. And I care about you as a person. he is definitly concerned enough about your feelings to want you to know you can feel at ease and he is listening. this is the type of guy who if he knew you were alergic to pollen and saw it on your car he would wipe it off before you got there. when I do this I want the girl to know I'm not going to make you feel awkward or pick on anything you say today. I will hear wear you are at in life and meet you wear you are. great potential for a trusting friendship or trusting relationship. also this guy usualy won't force himself on you. if that would make you uncomfortable. :)

  • It means you're overthinking it. Watch all his behavior, over a period of time, with you and others.


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