Are you average, above or averagly average looking?

In recent years many studies and surveys have gone out in the western world. And they have reached this conclusion.

72% of people consider themselves above average looking. Obviously this is impossible because of what average means.

So what do you think about this? Why is it? Are you above average?

Is it because beauty is opinion? Is it because people are hopelessly conceited? (Let me say something here. Every country had the same phenomenon. To the biggest extent the US to the least the UK but everyone had the discrepancy.)

So. Tell me how attractive you think you are. and tell me what you think of this phenomenon

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51% people have said above average so far. hmmmmmm
holy sh*t. 91 notifications. My best Q ever. THanks everyone

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  • I think people typically think of me as "pretty" or below average, but I've seldom encountered people who thought of me as average. However, I think of myself as average, generally, at least.

    Those stats surprised me. I though people tended to think worse of themselves, but maybe they just pretend they do in public, even though they don't actually believe that... Also, I definitely believe beauty is an opinion! However, I also think some people are considered above average more frequently than others. And, last thing, as clichéd as this sounds, I believe everyone is beautiful in some way.

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  • average

  • I basically relate with all of the women here "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" ..depends on the person looking at me, depends on the day, depends on my mood, sometimes I'm average/below average and sometimes I feel gorgeous. I will go with above average because I have nice eyes and hair:)

  • I think of myself as average.Definitely not conceded as you can tell.

  • tell me ;)

  • I think it depends on my hair and makeup of the day and clothes too... some times I look really ugly and some times average

  • im not a lover for myself, but I'm cute:)

  • I'm average.

  • average or slightly above average depending on who is looking at me.

  • i think am either average or slightly above average . Some people do say am pretty but oh well everyone will see me differently.

  • "72% of people consider themselves above average looking. Obviously this is impossible because of what average means."

    Is it? It's not if the less-then average people are 'lesser' attractive than average than the above-average people are more attractive than average. Then the average would be lower than the mean and the mode.

    • The standard deviation literally has 0 effect on that

    • yep true, I voted average.

  • Ooh, fun question!

    I think there is a rational flaw going on. Beauty is still not completely objective, alas. I voted "I am freaking gorgeous", but that doesn't mean everyone is attracted to me. Also, you can't compromise on beauty. Some people love blondes, some people love brunettes. Having your hair something in between doesn't mean that BOTH blondes-lovers and brunettes-lovers will love you.

    I voted "I am freaking gorgeous" because I think I am, to an extent of people. Some people will find me completely unattractive -- that's because my looks aren't compromised.

    • sry wasn't suppose to be there...was for some1 else...

    • u serious..?!

  • I dunno. I think I'm kinda uglyyyy.

    I put average I don't know -.-..

    • your gorjus!

    • Yeah...

      But people tell me I'm beautiful.

      Lies :O

    • u serious...?!

  • I'd say I'm a little above average.

    But then again that's just my opinion there's people I've met who consider my apperance average.

    • Your so pretty! Have confidence!

    • you are so gorjus!

  • I don't know how to answer this- I think I'm probably average but I get such serious reactions to my looks that I must be very good looking. I know I can be beautiful if I put thought it what I'm wearing- hair and makeup-blah blah

    but last night this guy came up to me on my break at work and told me he would leave his fiancé for me, and I've had men want to have affairs with me and I'm copliments from men and women constantly and it seems like there's always someone looking at me. But last night I was in black jeans a nonlow cut shirt- big dumpy sweater and I had my hair up? I thought I looked sh*tty- I even put on a little lip stick so I'd feel a bit more confident- but I had guys all over me all night. So that's the answer I'm confused but I'm not ugly

  • Freakin' gorgeous!


    Doesn't mean I always see myself like that, especially if I get a pimple:( ...but today I'm feeling pretty extraordinary...

  • i put extreamly gorgeous and not because I'm concided because I'm not at all actually I'm very insecure but I'm only 16 and don't wear makeup and I get a lot of compliments so I guess that has to mean something.

  • ive gotten better lookingin the past2 years ago. and I know I'm not gorgeous, but I still like acting conceided.

  • I'm extremely pretty and look Japanese:)

  • fugly.

  • I'm average, I guess. Sometimes above average when dolled up.

  • Average...LOL but I think I can be a below average hehehe...

    • LOl... thank you... Happy New year! ;)

    • Below average? No. You are beautiful! Have confidence!

    • Heeheheh really?i don't think so I am because she's pretty :)) maybe only in this pic lol.. :P

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  • Well, it's become really popular for women be confident in their appearance. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just more common than usual for a woman to think she's hot by HER standards, rather than depending on outside feedback.

    Also, just because a woman answers this question today saying she says she's above average, doesn't mean she wakes up every morning feeling hot. I know for me, I go from thinking I'm beautiful to thinking I'm the least pretty person I know.

    I honestly think that's how all women must feel, they just don't want to tell you because we want to appear confident, the way we're told men like us to be and the way we should be to be emotionally healthy. I dunno. Maybe when some of us say we're above average, we're trying to convince you; and maybe we're trying to convince us too.

    As for me, I think I'm a girl who's pretty if you like my type, or just OK if you don't. Average to some, maybe above average to others.

  • I would say that I don't overestimate myself, yet I don't underestimate myself. I would consider myself fairly attractive, yet considering that my style of dress and personality, I may not be as attractive as other girls who put hours of effort into their appearence. I am very low maintanance and it doesn't take me more than 10 minutes to get ready. Considering that, I would say that I would fall along the lines of average, not because I'm not attractive, but rather because I am attractive but I don't bother putting as much effort as other girls do. So far, the way I am has brought about no complaints and I usually get a lot of compliments so I plan on being the same way for years to come.

  • I think I'm hot, but most girls I know either whine about how ugly they are, or they are just like, eh, I'm OK. but maybe I just surround myself with ugly people, so I look hotter...hmm...

    • hahaha

    • hmmm yourself

  • I have absolutely no idea. The only thing I'm certain of is that I'm not gorgeous and I'm not ugly. I don't think my features are common, in the US at least, so "average" doesn't quite describe me. Some people might find me cute/pretty, and other might not, it's just a matter of taste.

  • I think that your results to this poll are skewed based on the fact that you gave people a reason to downplay how attractive they really think they are. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes I like to withhold my reason for asking something because I don't want my own feelings on the subject to sway a person's true response.

    Anyway, I voted that I am above average. I do not even know what average looks like. I am not conceited. I have the potential to look terrible and the potential to look beautiful.

    • Also if you just keep it in mind the poll is MORE meaningful. think about it. IF people are influenced away from saying something. And half of them still do it that tells you how powerful that thing is

    • Someone actually down voted my response. So how are we supposed to be honest? So I know what you mean.

    • Yeah I figured that would happen. But the poll was really just to get more hits. Cause polls is a separate tab so more people would see it there y'know?

  • I think I'm above average but I'm not perfect either. I'm not going to lie about it. Yeah, maybe I'm a little conceited in my own mind but I don't ever voice my opinion about my looks, except this time lol.. Because I think it's completely rude and uncalled for.

    I don't think every one is beautiful, there are above average people, below average people and then just average people. Now, don't get me wrong, it is rude of me to be saying this but it's what I think.

    "You need two things to succeed in life: Confidence and ignorance."

    I firmly believe that this quote is true which may be the reasoning behind my answer.


  • I think I'm average. There's nothing special about the way I look or act. I think really the only great thing about me is that I'm smart. Well, school wise. Because I have no common sense.

    • no, you're waaay pretty. not avg

    • I agree with oosheaoo, your pretty :-)

    • I think that you are really, really pretty.

  • I think I'm average:)

  • I answered fugly because that's normally how I feel. Some days I might consider myself average, less days I might consider above, but usually I just find myself unattractive.

    • awww I am sorry... :-( I feel ugly some days too...maybe it's who you surround yourself with? I know when I am around ignorant people that act better than me, I feel ugly. I am sure you are beautiful!

  • Freaking gorgeous!

  • I would put myself as below average, so I put unattractive.

  • haha I'd say I'm above average...not being conceited, just my opinion. I have my moments..when I feel like ewwwwww! But, hey in my opinion, I think everyone can be above average with a little help. :-)

    • haha possibly...or make up...some girls just do not know how to carry done in a certain way...certain clothes make your figure look more flattering...get facials..they make your skin complexion makes most people look better (including me)..and etc...I kind of disagree with surgery..unless it was by a disaster of some kind and can be being burned on your face or something...

    • average means. What most people are. So most people cannot be above average. Or even below average. Most people are average because that's what average means. It means most people are this

    • you mean surgery? lol

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  • I think I'm average. Most people would agree that I'm not unattractive, but I'm nondescript.

  • Lol I'm fugly

    • fugly? you're crazy.

    • I like your style and you seem to have a good music taste (y)

    • not from where I'm standing

  • Average. Some guys think I am cute, others think I am okay, and some think I am unattractive. So I will go in between.

  • I think everyone who has voted average thinks a little more than that and didn't vote that way because either

    1 they didn't want to appear arrogant


    2 they don't concioysly realize that they think this. I.e; their behavior more so reflects the fact they find themselves good looking.

    • A lack of confidence doesn't always mean that a person doesn't subconsciously think they are good looking or whatever, it just means they don't have the outward confidence to show it.

      I agree some people do genuinely think they're ugly or whatever but they would have vote that way.. I'm referring specifically to the people who voted average

    • I dt agree :p maybe its just a lack of confidence?

      i mean not everyone has szuch superlow self esteem to say they're fugly and they're not necessarily confident enough to see or think that they're above average!

  • That's weird. What age groups were they asking? Because if they asked a roomful of teenage girls they get hours of tearful stories of how they (the girls) are so ugly and all their friends are prettier and it's not fair...

    I put unattractive, but some days I feel average.

    • college age up.

  • I'd say I'm just average :P

  • average I guess , although I'm a redhead and a bit different looking so maybe I'm above average? I don't think I'm ugly or the hottest thing going - looks would get you very far in life anyway , I d rather be ugly then be super fake barbie full of herself :)

    • But of course most of the super fake full of themselves barbies are pretty dang ugly.

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  • I'm a beast.

  • I'm around an average.

  • I think your question was nice but it's too bad you biased it (involuntarily).

    You have an "above average" category, but instead of having a "below average" category you wrote "unattractive" which is very different than below average. That is why I believe 85% of people answer they are average of above.

  • Im going with average because I constantly get the "Oh you remind me of this person!" or "I thought you were someone else" , gotta be pretty average to warrant those kind of comments

    • Haha well thank you, that was actually really nice to hear :P

      and my tattoos are usually covered (unless I'm topless) because they are for me so they aren't usually a problem

    • You are definitely above average! Although I've gotta say I don't like tattoos :p

  • way above average

  • I don't rate my self girls do.

  • I voted unattractive. Girl friends of mine have called me cute, sexy, hot, good-looking but I think hey just say those things because we're friends and they have to. I get no attention from girls otherwise.

  • i voted unattractive for myself

  • You are very welcome :)

  • Way above average.

    Sometimes I would like to be a girl just so I could try to have sex with myself.

  • f*** this question, as if there is a standard..

    as if there is a definition of the words ugly or beautiful.

    f*** that, everyone is ugly, and everyone is beautiful.

    I voted myself as 'above average', but that's MY perception of what beauty or attractiveness is, nothing else.

    It's purely subjective, so please girls don;t be so insecure and post here that you're average or below average, hoping that guys will say that you're not ugly.

    Nobody is ugly.

    And if someone thinks you are ugly, he/she might not be that attractive to you!

  • i think I'm above average. even if I'm not having confidence that I am makes up for it

  • unattractive to average. somewhere in there.

  • Below average, but my personality has made up for that in the past.

  • i only know, because I am on plenty of fish, and have many woman telling me I am gorgeous, not bug headed, but gota believe all those woman. there words not mine :)

  • i always wonder , because some girls say I'm f***ing hot and keep staring , and girls don't even look at me .. so I guess if I'm there type I'm hot , if I'm not I'm just average

  • idk I thought I was ugly but I have been called cut by older girls lol

  • I would say I'm average.

  • Ehhh... above average. ;)

  • I guess I'm average.

  • Yesterday I was called "Ugg" but a girl, as in, like, yuck. But today I was called gorgeous, so I really don't know. But to be honest, I don't know, I'm probably average, I'm not hidious and I'm not Taylor Lautner, so I'm probably about average. But people get mixed up with average, average is sort of like "I'd do her, and I'd enjoy it, but it wouldn't be my first choice, or my fantasy", so people need to stop worrying about how they look, because you can always get laid. I'm about average, maybe even blow average, but I still get enough BJ's and sex to keep my happy, so I don't care. Another thing, it's hard to say, no one knows if they're really gorgeous or fugly, because they can't be attracted to themselves.

  • They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So what is beautiful to one person may not be beautiful to another person. Or not as beautiful. Or more beautiful.

    I find myself to be relatively average.

  • I look at myself in the mirror... and I jizz in my pants.

    • Nice! Two positive comments from a random girl on a single question! Awesome. :D

    • lool

  • on a good day, average

    • haha

    • I'll call in some favors...

    • online doesn't matter bro.. lol I've never gotten a compliment in person in my life (other than close family)

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  • All anybody wants is love and that makes you all beautiful! Give me thumbs down if you think I'm some kinda fruit but that's what I think.

  • Why does everyone say they're average? You gotta have some confidence!

    I'm beautiful ;)

  • God... everyone loves statistics. So compelling. I'm going to start calling myself below average looking to appease your sense of scientific rigour.

    • Well they do.

    • Yeah, good luck with that.

    • Numbers tell you everything. Everything

  • average

  • i think I'm average...

    girls have called me sexy before but they've also called me ugly.

    depends on taste really but idk...

    what do you think girls?

  • I think I look fine do I cause ladies to orgasm when they see me, sometimes... Not really but yeah I think I fall under average

  • Wait, so does this mean that if you think that you are average your actually butt ugly?

    • I actually think most people are attractive. So to me average is attractive yeah

    • Lol so the average rating of other people will statistically be much lower then the average self rating. ha ha us poor humans.

    • No I'm saying if it was really how people thought of themselves it would change so they would be average.

      Average changes as people do. So the majority of people cannot be above average statistically

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  • I'm average in my opinion, I have known people who would consider themselves to die for even though they were in the same boat as me, its funny how big headed some people can get, like this friend of a friend in college, she is such a bad person, she always uses my friend for his homework and stuff and she thinks she is absolutely gorgeous. Even though she's really and truly below average, and I'm not just saying that because I dislike her lol, it's true!

  • my prettiness outshines even the sun

    • hahaha

    • mhhm

    • I can tell by your prof pic ;)

  • I use to think I was fugly but slowly I have begone to think better and better of myself, mostly because I have been told by random people that I have nice hair and pretty eyes. I still don't like my eye's because of the hassle I have trying to describe them, they are blue in one light, green in another and gray when it's dime.

    • When I'm not fat I'm above average. When I am fat I'm FUGLY.

    • heh heh. Give me a list of acceptable bearded men and we'll talk

    • as long as you chose to kill another bearded man, I will take that as a compliment.

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