How do you keep your nose look clean?

I get nose zits once in a while. After I squeeze my nose, and my nose look red for like 3 weeks. I can't get rid of that. What's the best way to get nose back to normal?


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  • If you're getting spots then your pores are probably getting clogged up so you need to make sure that you wash your face with some face wash so its not harsh on your skin and try to do this about twice a day and maybe once a week you should try using a pore strip just to get rid of trapped dirt, hope this helps :)


    • have you ever heard of sulfer soap?

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    • My friend used to have really bad acne and the doctor gave her this stuff, it came in a small bottle with like a sponge top which you just put over the places you needed to and it gotg rid of it in few days! I can try and find out the name of it for you if you want, it really worked!

    • I think I will try mask and toner. Thank you.

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  • Try a pore sheet cleaner. from target or walmart.

    • I tried, and it left blemish and it lasted for 3 weeks. I tried 2 times and it was the same thing.

  • get a clay mask and a toner


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  • To avoid zit seepage and other forms of viscous proboscis discharge, I keep my nose wrapped securely in duct tape. This has of course necessitated my becoming a nose-breather, but my nob is pristine.