How to get guys to notice ME?

Out of my small group of friends I've always been the one that's bigger than the others, when I'm with my friends I'm just the chubby one, they're always just that little bit prettier.

I'm not an ugly person , I know that. But I was wondering if you had any advice on how I could maybe stand out more in a group when with my friends.

to guys- What makes you more drawn to one girl in specific from a group, what makes you notice her?

to girls- what do you usually do to make yourself stand out ?


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  • *Beware, blunt honesty*

    I notice most women primarily upon looks. I can notice looks from across the room, while I can't do the same for personality, character, etc. Obviously certain situations are exceptions, like if I see her taking care of her grandma versus partying with a bunch of guys, but I'm speaking in a generic sense.

    After that, comes energy. If she is socially calibrated to ignore drama and promote a fun time, then I'm all for being around those types of people.. There's just something about being relaxed around a girl that I can't quite reiterate.. It takes the pressure off my shoulders when I realize I don't have to be "Mr. Serious" =/

    Lastly, if she can connect to my life.. If she can relate to my experiences or at least converse with me in a natural way, rather than forcing the conversation, I'll pick up on that.. And THAT is what makes me strongly desire to be around a certain girl over all the other "pretty girls" who don't have half the intelligence.

    There's certain guys for certain people.. Some guys just want to get laid, and will go after those "fun girls" who are always socializing.. Other guys are work oriented and want a lady who can respect their work schedule, etc.. The more well-rounded you are (and open minded) the better.. Just make sure you have your OWN boundaries and that you stick to them.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • 1) General Appearance.

    She looks great. Good shape, nice curves, cute face. She looks like someone who takes good care of herself, but doesn't go overboard (think Xtreme makeup, etc.)

    2) Style

    She has a certain "thing" about her. Something that is different from the rest. She has her own little style going on, but not so far as to become a social misfit. In other words: she doesn't dress rediculous (think goth, scene girls), but knows how to give her clothes a personal 'twist'. Think of this: what is YOUR personal trademark? When someone comes in the room and I didn't see her face, how could I instantly know it was you? What's your "thang"?

    Note for points 1) and 2) - See my answer at thread "GUYS: Alternative hot girls?": link

    3) Social

    Is she social? Does she fit in well? Is she accepted in her group of friends? Is she talkative? Is she smiling a lot? Is she talkative without dominating others? Does she make other people smile and laugh a lot? Is she the 'head' of the group she's in? Does she treat her friends well?

    4) First Impression of Personality

    Does she use a lot of touching? Is she smiling a lot? Is she talkative without dominating others? Does she make other people smile and laugh a lot? Does she really 'show' herself (i.e. open bodylanguage, no crossed arms, good eye contact). How long do her eyes linger when I catch a glimpse of her? Does she look away skittishly? Does she smile when I look at her? Does she wave? Does she feel at ease with herself? etc. etc.

    5) Personality in Interaction

    Is she touchy-feely? Is she smiling a lot? Is she laughing a lot? Is she talkative? Does she exhibit a lot of open body language? Does she have good eye contact? Does she feel at ease with me? Is she able to converse lightly? Is she like wikipedia when talking (i.e. able to talk about anything, able to segway to other topics from any other topic)? Is she FUNNY? Is she FLIRTY? Is she able to TEASE? Is she able to TAKE a joke? Is she being true to herself? etc. etc.

    Do note that these are immediately picked up by someone. They are unconscious. So if you do not REALLY feel them in you, you might have to do some work. If you do not REALLY feel like this, you will not project it outward believably.

    IMHO and FWIW,


  • "What makes you more drawn to one girl in specific from a group, what makes you notice her"

    I have no idea. It's something intangible. She's usually not the conventionally "prettiest" either. It's always just something about her that I simply can never quite grasp.

    So I realize I'm not answering your question. But you're young, and a lot of guys that age are shallow. Don't worry about them. Don't try too hard. My philosophy is that you'll find him when you least expect it.

  • you can try to make contact with the guy you are interested in.

    That is, focus on your body language, try to talk to him about everyday things, then developed whit more interesting things.

    A guy doesn´t check out your body in the first place he looks at more detailed things, like your hair, eyes, clothes or face, etc.

    but it can vary if the guy is a player or anything else.

    Be yourself and it should probably be fine.

  • if you just talk really loud guys will notice you.

  • red clothes , pink or a special color

  • do the right things and be special , be indivisuall..

  • Just smile and be yourself don't change yourself for some dude its not worth it


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  • You can try focusing on your body language. LIke if you cross your arms it seems that you don't want to talk, and if you relax your posture it makes you seem more open and friendly.

    And think about the things you love most about you physically (although remember looks can only get you so far). And once you find them, try to make them look great, maybe your eyes or your hair, I don't know what you like haha.

    Lastly, remember you have to love yourself, it is the first step to make someone else love you too :)

  • I'm myself. Through and through. I don't care if he sees me eating a cheeseburger while sucking down a large milkshake. If he won't accept me for who I truly am, then why bother talking to me?

    Be yourself girl, THAT is the most important thing. I don't know how old you are, but after high school every guy that you had the biggest crush on, All the "cool kids" that always seemed to have it the best, and your group of girls that are "so skinny and beautiful" all fade away, making room for new friends, new flames, and new experiences.

    Keep shining :)


  • I have a sence of humor, so I am allways saying stuff really funny and I make new friends and I talk to them and make them luagh and then I make more friends..and they tell thier friends and now I'm known as the funny gurrl and people like to hang out with me a lot becuase everybody like a sence of humor. that's how I stand out

  • You can also try talking to the sidekicks of the guys approaching your friends.