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What do guys like to see?

can I wear that makes him think I'm attractive [[or hot]] but not slutty?

what do guys normally like to see on girls?

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  • Different guys like different things on girls, but it'll be best if it's YOUR style. I think it's MEGA HOT when a girl tucks in a tee shirt or top, but friends who don't like it and have to for work, while looking hella cute, still look out of place, because it shows they're not comfortable with the way they look. If a girl likes dressing that way N it's not to baggy, it can be sexy N a major turnon to see a girl in a hoodie. Which outfit do you like best that makes you think, I look good in this? That's probably your hottest one, N I'm sure he'll think so too. Every girl I've been friends with or dated, their favorite outfits were mine too...

What Guys Said 10

  • amplify your assets. whatever about your body you like, do something that draws attention. or anything tight haha

  • ultimately it has to be something you are comfortable in. If you are not confident or happy in the outfit then nothing will be sexy.

  • Guys don't care about style or designer brands. Wear what makes your body look the best. Don't worry about looking slutty. Girls will judge you for it, but guys won't.

  • Sweats and a tight top. It makes the boobs and butt stand out without revealing anything. It shows confidence and makes us guys stop to take a quick glance.


  • Tight or very snug clothing.

  • i like girls who dress flirty but not slutty. I hate when bitches have their boobs hanging out so guys can hit on them. That's why "Bitches ain't sh*t but ho's and tricks" ;) snoop and dre had it right.

  • def been dressed up really kinky in hot underwear it lets us imagine things then

  • singlet tops with jean shorts.

    oh yeah! :D

  • I prefer girls to wear whatever is comfortable for them, but preferably nothing really revealing.

What Girls Said 1

  • dress in some way that is flattering to your shape and composition. check out styles in magazines and copy those that are suitable for you.

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