Can a guy really like you but be so shallow that he can't date you?

I'm just curious, I'm on the heavier side, and have a lot of guys who will hang out with me, but never take it farther. I get told I'm beautiful (I'm starting to believe it lol) I'm a lot of fun. I don't know.


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  • Guys can be that shallow, but not the good ones. Not worth worrying about, just dig those who dig you.


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  • You can have friends that are the opposite sex, You pro bally are beautiful and fun, your friends pro bally acknowledge that but you need to look past the fact that your guy friends might not be interested in that sort of relationship with you.If that's the case use them as a way to network out and find someone that is interested


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  • Well some guys take care of their reputation, they may like some girl that is not exactly the hottest one, but they don't go out with her, because what the other guys are gonna think, there have been cases like those, Sad