Did body size matter?

Supermodel,beauty pageant.are these girls usually attract guys most? I mean they are all beautiful,sexy and gorgeous.What if a girl that has a bit meat on their bones, no attractive belly but simple, good smell and nice. Is this kind of girl attractive too for you guys?


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  • I do not find supermodels all that attractive. Off all the supermodels that I've seen there's only been on I was attracted to. There are a lot of guys who will tell you that that's what they like, or at least that's the type of girl they'll chase around. But that's not all guys. Some guys like girls that are very big compared to a supermodel. Other guys like girls who are pleasantly plump. I find personally a girl with some curves and who isn't all bony to be a lot more attractive. The only major key with the majority of men is that they want the person they are with to be healthy. Dating a skeleton or a person who is 500lbs isn't something the major majority of guys would do because in neither of those cases is the woman healthy. The other key detail is that the person is happy with who she is herself. There are guys who like all types of body shapes and sizes, but the woman needs to be happy with herself or she won't be happy at all. It won't make a difference if the guy she's with is telling her how gorgeous she is if she doesn't believe it. The benefit to being happy with who you are is that it makes you more confident and thus helps attract guys. So as long as you are healthy and you're happy with yourself then everything is good.


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  • I like girls who have curves, and some meat on their bones. When a girl looks rail thin that to me looks worse than any other body type.

  • I do not like supermodels or beauty pageant bimbos at all.

    I heard it put best."Bones are for dawgs.Meat.is for men!"


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