Why do women wear long fake press on nails when men find it unattractive?

Saw this one woman with really long fake press on nails, she couldn't dial a phone number in her cell because of it!


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  • I don't get it... I really, really don't like those things :P

    • You totally showed them... Well, even if you didn't, thanks :)

    • I thumbed your comment up so the number of thumbs up is greater than the one thumb down.

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  • beucase they don't do it for the men, they do it for themselves

  • cuz guys do like it

    • idk guys have told me they like it cause it tickles in a good way... they find them sexy...

    • You mean like Kramer when he met that one woman who turned him on with back scratches? hmmm...back scratches...

  • because we like it. it's glamorous

    i don't do everything to impress guys and I doubt a man would kick me out of bed because of my nails

    • he'll be aight..as long as I look good lol

    • Would suck during the heat of sex if you accidentally scratched his eye ball out because your multi colored long press on nail punctured his eye.

  • maybe she wasn't straight and her girlfriend loves them, every thought of that? ahaha sorry I will never get the fake nails thing they just look like claws and make losing an eye seem like an everyday threat.

  • Yea, really long fake nails don't look that great.

    I get mine professionally done with white tips (normal length) and love the way they look, so does my boyfriend, he loves the way they feel too. ;) It depends on how long you get them really.. getting them to look like claws isn't hott.

  • It looks awful! Yuck!

  • Because...wait for this...wait...mens opinions aren't eh center of the universe, therefore most women don't give a damn.

    • Perfect response QA. Men get blamed for the stupid crap women do to 'be more attractive to men'.

    • They don't do it for that reason, no. That reason doesn't factor an awful lot in major decisions.

    • You're right, women shouldn't give a damn...is that why some women get breast implants too? Because they don't give a damn about what we think?

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  • it's pretty at first, I've only worn fake nails once, all other times it's a manicure or just painted by myself. I got annoyed at the fake nails or gel set I had because yeah they grew out and were a pain in the ass to take off.

  • i guess they think its sexy

    u know?human have animal insticts so they think that while having sex its great to scratch a bit..and they think that men think the same way...

    • o/ \o

      I'm glad, I know this girl that comes in and she has really pretty hands and nails and when I saw her with that multi colored tye dye looking fake nails I cringed and even told her, Oh no! you got press ons? your natural nails were so nice! and she's like really? and I'm like, definitely! I totally enlightened didn't I?

    • btw I hate fake nails!mine are real and I'm planing to keep them real

    • Scratching is a little kinky, don't mind that...

      I love girls that have natural nails, and especially if a girl has beautiful hands and naturally beautiful nails, I can't STAND press on nails on her.

  • i don't know why eeer I hate them they look sh*t lol

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  • 'Cos she doesn't give a f*** with you think. OHHH SNAAAAPPPP SCRUUUUUUBBBBBB

    • Hows it feel to be a liar


    • In Gender Comms class we learned that some things when do because they don't give a f*** what we think is actually the product of the Male Gaze. I'm testing out the reaction to this question to do a sociological analysis. thank you though, for your...diplomatic...comment

  • Haven't you figured out that women dress for other women--not men?

    • And what have you concluded?

    • Do females on here admit that? No, they just keep saying they do it for themselves. I'm trying to get answers on what women will portray outwardly as opposed to the actual truth.

  • Because women find women with longer nails attractive. For some reason, they have the delusion that this inconvenience is stylish or attractive. I strongly agree with YOU.