Do men like women who dress uniquely?

It always seems like men don't like women who dress uniquely. they usually like the women who have no personal style.


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  • Not to much I like a girl who cares what she is wearing. I can't stand girls who were goth stuff like baggy pants with chains and what not I prefer a girl who is more up with the crowd. there is a reason the media tells you to dress like that its cause its freaking hot. I love a girl who wears designer jeans and a colorful tee I would say that's my favorite but I think its all up to the guy some guys like diffrent styles but I'm gonna say someone who is more up to date with there style or finds a style that people really like stick with it none of that emo/goth people like that seem to have social issues and have to stand out in a different way ya they stand out but not in a good way if you know what I mean. I have nothing against them don't get me wrong but that's just not what I like its really up to the guy and who you are trying to impress. I think people dwell to much on cloths and not as much on personality that's what truly gets me I mean a nice pair of cloths are sweet but I'm more about how well I connect with the person.

    • Yeah- don't worry- I'm not goth in any way... I just have a unique way of putting clothes together- I get tons of compliments and stuff on my clothes so I don't think people consider me to dress like a freak or anything

    • Well that's good if your getting compliments I'm sure your doing just fine :)


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  • Who's "they?" that says we don't like girls like that? hmm? Lol. No, I personally like a girl who's not afraid to show a little of her personality in what she wears. I think it's cool. To me, it shows what I would call "comfortable confidence" when you create your own style and go with it. You're comfortable with who you are and you're not gonna hide it, basically, lol. And it let's me ask questions (like when I don't know you, to start a conversation) like "why'd you cut your hair like that?" or "Where'd you get a cool bracelet like that (maybe I never saw one before like the one you got)".

  • Yeah, that's probably true. It all has to do with tribe mentality. The media, and the cool kids, they say what's okay to wear, so if you wear something unique to who you are as a person, you'll be looked down on. It takes someone who's truly comfortable with him or herself to dress the way they want, and even more, find unique dresswear a beautiful expression of individuality.

    I'm far more interested in girls who stand out in some way, and dresswear is usually the easiest way to do that.

  • A girl that can wear something that is out of the norm and look good in it is so hot. I like girls that have their own style as long as they look good.


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  • It is often that way, yes. My dress sense is erm. different. I think if you're strong enough to be bold in your clothing decisions it can scare a lot of men off. My clothes represent my personality and I wouldn't want to dress any other way. However I do also find that I get a lot of looks from people when I walk down the street because of how I look. my clothes tend to be a good starting point in conversation as I do get a few comments. I have found that it is my personality that can scare off the men. but to be honest with you, it helps me single out the men that I could date. If a guy can't handle a strong woman, tough luck, he can't have me. I think it all depends on the man. My current boyfriend loves my dress sense. Hope this helps xx