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Guys do you think its hot when a girl wears glasses?

I only wear glasses to read but my boyfriend wants me to wear them to bed. He thinks their really hot. So is this all guys or no?

  • Vote A Yes. Like a naughty libraian
  • Vote B Not really. Like the weird girl in the back of the class.

Most Helpful Opinion

  • Yes it can give a more mature sexy look, it can make you look like a sexy teacher or assistant

What Guys Said 8

  • Girls with glasses are sexy. When it's sun glasses they acknowledge that, when they have to wear optical glasses , some make it a giant problem.

  • Yeah, I like women with glasses. Its not a make or break, but I like them.

  • If the girl can make the glasses work for her than yes it does make her look sexy. I find glasses on a girl to be a huge turn on.

  • everybody is different. your man seems to like em so wear them...and shhhhhhhh...this is a library...people are trying to read! ;)

  • I do kinda like em, just not an everyday kind of thing you know.

  • i think glasses look cute on a girl doesn't make a huge difference but I could see the whole libarian/ proffessional look beng a turn on.

  • Depends on the style of glasses and their hair style :P hah

What Girls Said 1

  • From what I gather, its hot if you only wear them occasionally. Cause that's when you get the sexy librarian type of vibe. Otherwise, its not too exciting to them.

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