Girls and squeezing blackheads... WHY?

A question that has always got me thinking/made me feel like gaffing

What's the obsession and where has it come from? Squeezing dirt from people's bodies, watching them wiggle in pain as you inflict 'theraputic cleansing' upon them... WHY?!?!?!


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  • I wish I knew this one too. My sister would do this all the time and she had my mother pined down over last summer picking at everything. what happened to soap and water, people bar soap and water works better then anything they have on ther market today. I have never had a problem with any of this why do you think guys skin is so clear cus its just soap and water.


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  • I'd do it on my self but not on anyone else.

  • My husband wants me to do this to him as well as to pluck the odd back hair. I think its disgusting I won't even pop my own blister or pimple. I totally do not understand it. I will pluck the hair but even that's creeps me out not that its there mind you just removing it.


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