Wearing a gold chain inside my shirt?

I just won one in some lottery and I plan on wearing it inside my shirt. What do girls think about wearing chains inside their shirts? I'm 16, half black and half filipino, so I'm a light brown if that helps.

I'm going to wear it regardless, just wanted to know what girls thought.
Haha thanks. I'll remember that.


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  • its cool. Unless your Irish like me. then you have to tighten it around your neck until you can't breathe.


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What Girls Said 2

  • i hate it when a guy wears that all the time, I see a lot o ghetto people ((no offence)) wearing yellow gold and in my openion they have ruined yellow gold for me. It just looks trashy and chep to me.

  • i think it looks gay and makes you look cheap


What Guys Said 1

  • Congrats lol :)

    It's not really about what girls think. It's about what you think. If you like it, go ahead. If you think it shows who you are, go ahead. If you're just doing it to impress girls or to seem cool, don't do it.

    • Update: Okay, well, girls have different opinions. But try thinking about it this way: what would you think if another guy wore one? Would you think he was cool? A poser? It really depends.

      Fashion isn't that important. So, if you're a cool guy, you'll still be as cool with the chain. If you're a nerd, whether you have a chain or not, you'll be a nerd. Don't make your fashion show who you are. Show who you are by showing off your personality.