Grow fast long hair!

how to grow fast long hair? what hair products or any tips how to get hair growing inches fast?


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  • Stop using hot curlers and blow drying it.

    avoid products with alcohol anything in them it drys out you hair.

    Try to wash every two weeks if you can stand it. Constantly washing the natural oils from you scalp drys your scalp out badly!

    NEVER comb it dry. use some kind of de-tangler or oil sheen and water.

    The problem isn't that your hair doesn't grow the problem comes in when we keep bothering it. Which makes it fall out.

    their are several other tips I can give you to style hair naturally without hot products or blow drying if you want them let me know.


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  • I read that eating canned dog food will accelerate hair growth in humans. Of course those in the sample group also tended to poop on the lawn. It's all about priorities I suppose.

    • Yeah I was in the sample group. Trust me QA, it's not worth it. Soak your hair in tomatoe juice instead. Your hair might turn red, but it wears off in a year or two.

    • There you have it, from the dog-food-eaters own mouth. How bout a V8?

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  • My hair are really long, like they go below my backside. I just cut mine from the bottom and they grow long fast.

  • Don't blow dry, Straigthen, curl, perm it along with other treatments. Keep it simple use a gentle shampoo and conditioner, also trim the tips every waxing moon

  • My hair grows CRAZY fast. I wash it every 2 days, only putting conditioner on the ends. I only trim the ends, don't get full on hair cuts (they always layer it too much). Brush my hair once at night and once in the morning (it stimulated your scalp)... What else... I put a treatment once a week (just for dry hair/brittle ends/breakage/etc).. Rarely dye my hair :)

  • Shave it all off and it will grow back faster, longer and shinier.