How do guys look at girls when they're pregnant?

well I'm almost six months pregnant and my whole appearance changed a lot like I gained all this weight not only in m stomach (which is theobvious) but also in my face. I started to get acne which I never got before I don't fit any of my clothes so I don't dress nice anymore and its just that everything is all different and I wanna know if guys look at girls different just because of that. do you think my boyfriend still looks at me the same? he doesn't call me beautiful that much anymore but he does still show me attention. should I worry bout this? and another thing is like I asked him does he miss my old body and he told me "well I remember exactly what you looked like before"


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  • If he loves you he sees you as he did the day he fell in love


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  • Some guys are scared by the pregnant form, as a lot of changes happen very quickly. But I'm sure he understands why they are happening, and I'm sure he still cares. How do all guys look at pregnant women? Well, that depends. If they love them, their pregnant mate can be the most beautiful thing in the world. Or, she can be a she-devil with a big belly! It all depends on the people involved.