Do women find certain men intimidating, and if so why?

i have a general question. I don't want one specific answer because I know there isn't one and everyone has different preferences, but do women find certain men intimidating, and if so why? what about them is intimidating? looks, status, how they hold themselves, etc.? just be general, unless you _do_ have something specific, then by all means, share!


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  • Intimidating? I would say the crazy ones that have power in one way or another (KKK, Hitler, Stalin) etc. The ones that are completely convinced that they are right and that it's the way it should be. The one's that murder and don't even think twice about it. Other than that I can hold my own with most men. There is one guy though that intimidates me but that is because he is a man I have fancied for years now. He is quite possibly the most arrogant person I know and he is so charming. I get twitterpeated in front of him even now (7 years later)


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  • I never really thought about that before, but I guess I would have to say I'm a bit intimidated by confident guys. Not all of them. I hang out with this kid in one of my classes who's clearly confident and really outgoing and social, and I'm comfortable with him. But the guys who are confident and give off the vibe that they don't care what anyone thinks of them--they're completely secure in who they are--I don't know how to approach them. I guess it's because they don't show any vulnerabilities. Everyone is flawed in some way, so dealing with people who don't show that side of themselves is intimidating.

    I'm only speaking for myself, though.

    • Why do you feel someone needs to have a clear vunerability or at least what about that security do you find hard to be approachable? out of curiosity because it's not the first time I've heard this answer before. again just wondering, thanks for the comment : )

    • Like I said, we're all flawed in some way. I'm a really shy person, so my vulnerabilities are pretty obvious. I think most people show their insecurities without even realizing it, and coming across a person who doesn't do that. . .it makes it harder to read them. It's like my cards are laid out on the table, but there's aren't.

  • I asked the same question, only it was about girls!

    Most girls are not intimidated by certain guys. (If you don’t believe me, notice how the hot/cute/smart/rich guy is surrounded by a swarm of women!)

    However, if a guy gives off the air of being “unapproachable,” or is obviously out of her league, then she might not deem it worth her time to try to garner his interest. But it depends on the woman—some women are up to the challenge!

    Good luck!

    • Thank you for commenting. I appreciate your answer. I guess something that you hit on in your answer is something that I was specifically curious about so I'll rephrase: can looks, or intelligence, or heir be intimidating? and as long as I'm asking, if you don't mind, what do _you_ or perhaps friends of yours find 'unapproachable' about some certain men?

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  • Excellent question. I too want to know what could make a guy intimidating. Let's hear it ladies! :)