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I apologize in advance if this question sounds selfish and shallow. But I have a friend who isn't ugly but she isn't the most gorgeous thing ever. And I think I am prettier than her. I have been called good looking cute and hot and pretty before. But on myspace and in real life too she gets all these peopel telling her she is cute and stuff. I am wondering why does no one ever tell me that?

like I have been called those thins before but she gets called them like on a daily basis.

or am I too confident in myself?

thanks for the replies and everyone is saying about her personality, but she is kind of annoying. she is always whining and putting herself down and stuff like that so I don't see how that's it either.


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  • Ouch! don't you hate it when that happens? To be honest with you though I have learned through countless experiences that beauty really does lie in the eyes of the beholder, there must be something about your friend that these guys are finding attractive. This isn't neccesarily her looks though either. Some women just have that thing that all men want and I wish I knew what that was so that I could tell you but I have yet to discover it myself. Just keep in mind that looks aren't always everything. I highly doubt that you are too confident in yourself! There is no such thing as over confidence just high arrogance. Just be careful not to cross that line and all will be well. : )

    I hope that I have managed to help! Good luck!

    • Don't worry I won't ever cross that line. I'm not THAt confident. Well more power to her then, all that matters is that I know I am not ugly :]


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  • I have noticed that women tend to think they know exactly what men find attractive, but to be honest, usually they are off the mark. At least that's how I've seen it, and my group of friends tends to agree. I personally prefer a woman who looks less fake and more down to earth, it's a hard thing to get right according to some of my female friends.

  • Having not seen pics of both of you, this is a very difficult question to answer, Assuning you faces and figures are equal, it may be that she has a more extroverted personality that makes the guys feel more comfortable giving her compliments. She may also be fishing for compliments. We really need more information to provide good advice on this one.

    • She is a little chubbier than I am and she wears more makeup than I do, well I hardly wear any at all. but I think ou fishing for compliments thing is right because when I talk to her she'll be like gosh my nose is so big or something like that.

    • Ok, the fishing for compliments is probably right...BUt to be surem try wearing some makeup and see if that does even the score, then try fishing for compliments and see if you get the same results. Please let us know what the results are.=)

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  • There are many things it could be. She could just have an attractive personality, or she could be more the type that certain people go after. There really is no way to say for sure without knowing the both of you. I'm not the prettiest thing in the world, I'll say it right now. But I have been able to get better relationships and attract more people to me than some of my gorgeous friends because of my personality, my sense of who I am, and the fact that many of my prettier friends are stuck on themselves. So it's probably something else about her that attracts them. Some people just have something that pulls others to them.

    And confidence is ok, as long as the ego isn't bloated. That's when it becomes an issue. Like, if you can make a good observation that you are prettier than her, but you know 'girl A' over here is prettier than you, then you're ok. You're just confident in who you are. If you think you're the best out there, then you might need to tone it down. But you don't sound like that, you just sound confident. Does that make sense? I hope so.

  • 1. Is your profile public or private?

    2. Do you add random people, because she might be and they could be complementing her as a thank you for the add.

    3. Does she have it listed that she's interested in dating, etc. on her profile? If so, guys might be trying to meet her to hook up.

  • Well.if you really care that much.

    maybe she's hotter to guys and you are cuter or maybe she has more sex appeal. Maybe she's more photogenic or maybe she's cute too. IT sounds like you should ask yourself "why aren't guys giving me attention" instead of "why is my friend stealing all of the guys attention". Maybe she's not as cute but maybe she's more fun to be around.

  • Maybe your opinion isn't the only one that counts.

    Maye she is pretty but you just can't see it.

    Everyone has something pretty about them, especially if they are confident in themselves.

    And, you don't have to be drop dead gorgeous to be pretty.

  • B/c you always tell yourself that. People pick up on that and tend to stay away from that. Act modest.