Okay, well before I started to read these flirting articles I had no idea eye contact meant you like someone. I stare at people all the time and the majority if them I don't like.

When did you guys start thinking of eye contact this way?


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  • Eye contact can mean you are interested/looking at someone if you show certain other behaviors while doing it. Say you are starring at me, and then I make eye contact and you quickly look away for a second then look again.that would mean you wanted to make eye contact again. Also, if you smile or giggle.something like that could mean interest. Other than that, yeah I stare at people all the time too and get caught so I just look away and don't look back, and I don't think to much of it when people do that to me so no worries.


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  • because for us eye contact when no one is talking usualy means interest. I guess men and women show interest differently. when a guy doesn't like a girl at all there is no eye contact not even quick glances.

  • lol.eye contact is important to show that you are confident or paying attention to someone while she is talking, however, it certainly don't imply that you do like someone,its just one of the signs

    from my personal experience I always give girls compliments(even though I don't mean it sometimes), crack jokes,talk about stuff, look right into her eyes, but no matter what I do it don't work, so I believe this is hypothetical but not a proven fact.


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