What kind of style (clothes) do you like guys to have?

I live in So Cal where everyone wears surfer and skate clothing even if they don't surf or skate. I think it has a very high school look to it. What kind of clothes do you like on guys?


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  • I have a thing for plaid button ups and jeans...then there's also the simple look of a white tee, blue jeans that aren't too baggy, and work boots. Work boots, really make a man...there's also the black button up or white, with jeans or black dress pants.

    • Long sleeve button ups right? San Diego is to casual for work boots though : )

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    • Let me guess Colorado?

    • Rural Ohio.


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  • Not a huge thing for me but I do like clothes like these: link

    can you tell I like button up shirts? haha

    • Yeah I can tell. Do you live in Cali?

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    • There is big bear and Mammoth mountain here in so-cal if you decide to come sometime. There some of the best places to snowboard in the country. You'd love it.

    • Nice! I'd love that. Boarding AND warm temperatures! haha

  • It doesn't really matter as long as they fit well. Oh, and are clean.


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