Which type of intelligence do you value the most in your partner/SO?

Okay, so it's pretty accurate to say that most people value intelligence in a partner. Dr. Howard Gardner built a model of eight different intelligence types and generally person can be strong in several areas. BUT, if you had to choose ONE type of intelligence for your partner, what would it be?

(Please note: I'm not actually basing these types from Gardner's theory, I'm kind of meshing & generalizing them)

Linguistic intelligence: A person strong in this area is good with words. They are often good at writing, reading, and talking about things. This group often includes writers, poets, lawyers and public speakers.

Logical-mathematical intelligence: A person strong in this area is good with math and logic problems. They often enjoy solving mysteries, reading about scientific discoveries, and like to figure out how things work. They are also usually good with computers and a variety of other gadgets.

Spatial Intelligence: A person strong in this area is good with pictures and images. They are often good at putting puzzles together. They appreciate art and photography, like to draw or doodle, notice details, prefer geometry over algebra, and are good at directions.

Musical Intelligence: A person strong in this area is good with music and rhythm. They can often read music, remember old songs, notice patterns, and can naturally figure out how to play a tune on an instrument.

I'm not putting an "other" category in the poll because I want you to choose your preference.

Please state which category you best fall into, and what you'd like for your partner.

Personally, I have strengths in each area but my strongest would be linguistic intelligence. Because I can be over analytical and logical, I'd prefer someone who is more spatial/musical. Spatial if I'm forced to choose.

  • Vote A Linguistic intelligence
  • Vote B Logical-mathematical intelligence
  • Vote C Spatial Intelligence
  • Vote D Musical Intelligence
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I would most of all prefer a woman who is logical. Although other facets of intelligence are important to me. I find most women are illogical and let emotion run their behavior. Next would come linguistics. I would like her to be able to intelligently express herself and her ideas. Communication is important in a relationship. I am split between Spatial and musical intelligence. I myself have some musical inclination, and I find it so alluring when a woman has a passion for music. A woman who can dance with her whole body and soul. Spatial intelligence is attractive as well. I love to look at art, and take pictures. Someone who is spatial notice small detail. They can see the bigger picture as a whole, but see the little things that have brought it together. I think that works on many different levels.

    Alas, you can't have it all.