Which type of intelligence do you value the most in your partner/SO?

Okay, so it's pretty accurate to say that most people value intelligence in a partner. Dr. Howard Gardner built a model of eight different... Show More

  • Vote A Linguistic intelligence
  • Vote B Logical-mathematical intelligence
  • Vote C Spatial Intelligence
  • Vote D Musical Intelligence

Most Helpful Guy

  • I would most of all prefer a woman who is logical. Although other facets of intelligence are important to me. I find most women are illogical and let emotion run their behavior. Next would come linguistics. I would like her to be able to intelligently express herself and her ideas. Communication is important in a relationship. I am split between Spatial and musical intelligence. I myself have some musical inclination, and I find it so alluring when a woman has a passion for music. A woman who can dance with her whole body and soul. Spatial intelligence is attractive as well. I love to look at art, and take pictures. Someone who is spatial notice small detail. They can see the bigger picture as a whole, but see the little things that have brought it together. I think that works on many different levels.

    Alas, you can't have it all.

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