Tomboy, still feminine enough?

Do girls who act tomboyish? I mean like putting hands in the pocket..And do work like they do, but still you act like a girl in the sense of dressing up and using make up. Is this attractive in the whole Hilary Swank, athletic but feminine way?


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  • It depends on the guy, but yes, a lot of men like girls who are tomboys. Just like a lot of girls like a man with strong male masculinity (outgoing personality, leader, sex drive), and some soft female traits (romance, affection, tries to listen and understand). Some men like a women who is feminine, but also isn't afraid to say how she feels and can play and get dirty with the boys. Both sexes seem to like a balanced or complete personality.

    As far as appearance, a lot of men like a girl with feminine features. Style, dress, etc.


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  • In my opinion this is not something you should be concerned about. Some guys will find it a turn off. But some guys, myself included, find girly-girls a big turn off. A girl who can think and do things for herself is great. Keep being you.

  • The girl I'm interested in right now is kind of tomboyish. She's really outgoing, loves to snowboard, go hiking, and stuff like that... really hot.


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