Is he playing me, he gives me signs he likes me but says he's asking another girl out?

There is this male friend whom I'm I think likes me more as a friend, as these are some of the signs. 1) when I'm talking to him he will look me in the eye but when I look away I can see him in the Corner of my eye looking at my lips especially when I lick my lips, but when I look at him again he... Show More

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  • I am having the exact same problem! Seriously it is identical! I think from what you described that he likes you but maybe he likes having you around too much to do anything about it or that he is just really comfortable with you. With the whole other girl thing, he may be trying to make you jealous and he could also just want to make sure you're OK with it.

    Do you like him, you didn't say?

    • Sorry you in the same boat as me, gahh boys are so fustrating and it is so fustrating. but yes I've liked him for about a year now, a year haha.