Situation: When the guy is about the same height or shorter. Opinions?

Ladies, if your boyfriend is the same height as you or a little shorter do you mind? Specifically for women who love to wear heels? Would you avoid them if they made you taller than your man?

Gentlemen, do you mind if your lady is the same height or a little taller. Same heel situation, would you rather she not wear them with you if they made her a good deal taller?


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  • I prefer a guy to be taller than me, yes.

    But that's not really hard seen as I'm about 5'3/5'4.

    The shortest guy I've ever really been with was my height when I had heels on - and yeah - that was fine.

    My friend used to date a guy who was her height, so it meant when she had heels on, he was smaller than her - but she liked to wear them when we went out to feel dressed up. And it wasn't like she was super tall or anything either; he was just shot. It was neither of their preference - but yeah, they liked each other - so it wasn't that much of an issue for them.

    • I wish I was your height! Yeah. That's good it worked for them.

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  • As a general rule, I don't care for heels. If the woman is 6'2" AND insisted on wearing heels, I'd be like wtf?

  • i prefer a girl be taller than me (with heels on). I'm 5'8"

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    • Because that's stupid and this convo is getting kinda boring. So bye.

    • if she wants a stalker, why don't I just pretend to be a stalker. she sounds creepy anyway. and yeah, your boring me too. bye

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  • I'm 6"2' and I prefer a guy to be the same height or taller, but then again what you want and what's got there can vary.

    It also depends if you like a guy smaller than you than the height shouldn't matter, it's the personality :) however that feeling that men should be taller, stronger to protect women and make then safe... Blah blah blah... The feeling that society and the media has put over us today..

    sorry I babble lots when it comes to height and such... I'm just trying to give different angles and ideas.. Sorry. I hope this helps :) x

    • No, that's good the answers are cool! I prefer taller too. I was just wondering how women generally felt. I'm 5'5 my boyfriend is 5'7 but good lord I love heels! They make me about 4-5 inches taller which basically switches us. But I love him so much. But I also am so tired of wearing flats when I'm with him. I'm not a huge fan of most flats except flip flops. I'm wondering if it's time to just get over it. He told me he doesn't care if I'm taller than him in heels. He's more secure than me for sure!

  • My preference is my height or taller. If a guy was a few inches shorter than me it might take some getting used to, but it wouldn't be off-putting.

    • It's weird. I find that the guys I am most attracted to are shorter.

  • okay so I would prefer a guy taller then me but I'm really tall withOUT heels so most of the guys I date are about the same height or shorter like the guy I'm dating now he's 5'4" I'm 5'6.5"

    so as long as it isn't too much height difference I don't care

    • You think 5'6" even 5'7" is really tall? That's not even model height.

  • If I'm only taller when I wear heels, it's no issue at all. If he's shorter when I am wearing heels, it's okay, but I'd be reluctant to wear them. I'm 5'10".

  • It's not much of an issue for me.

    Sure, I prefer taller, but if I met a guy who was perfect for me and he was only 5'4", it wouldn't be a big deal at all.

    • Yeah, it shouldn't matter that much. I just find myself getting so personally stunted by it. I think I care about what people will think or say too much.

    • Probably ;) I bet you'll get used to it.

      If I noticed a girl who was taller than her boyfriend, I probably wouldn't think anything of it. If I notice that she's even wearing heels, I'd be like, "That's awesome," because social norms drive me nuts, haha. Do what you want!

    • Yeah, I'm gonna work on getting over it, because he really doesn't care at all!