Bleaching (skin whitening) vs Tanning (skin blackening)

Why do people bleach or tan their skin - deliberate exposure to dangerous liquids or rays. I ask this question because some people that don't like black people blacken their skin by tanning and boost about a sun tan 'look how good my tan looks' and some people that don't like white people still try to lighten their skin. Is this hate due to wanting what someone else has?

I'm not even sure how this came under the category of style, I clicked behaviour!
I think that I should the correct term of PINK or BROWN or FAIR skinned and DARK skinned to prevent plunkers that are not actually white in skin colour but pink from saying WHITE is RIGHT!


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  • Interesting question. I don't mind being white. But I think everyone strives for that tan color in the middle or white and black.

    • Yes you are right but black is not a skin colour, the black race comes in different shades of brown including the colour tan which is brown so there isn't a colour in the middle of black and white...o wait there is that colour is GREY.


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  • Society says pale skin is "unattractive" and dark skin is "unattractive"

    Asian countries have the biggest skin bleaching industry, because often times light skin is associated with socio-economic status, where as in the western world, the perfect sun kissed glow is considered "best."

    I'm bi-racial(black and Hispanic) and the only time I've used skin bleaching creams is for my scars(which by the way has not helped). I have a crapload of scars on my legs because I was a clumsy child and I tend to not heal so well:/ And I'd like to wear a skirt or shorts without being self conscious of the scars:/

    • You're right...Anyway with regards to the scars brown skin scars easily but I think that bleaching makes it worse, I'm sure yours will gradually fade out if you leave it alone, mine has slightly. :)

    • Yea, but I've had them for years:/ I'm gonna have my derm take a look at them

  • It's not only some black folks who bleach their skin. Many women of color do the same. I have a Pinay friend who bleaches her skin to look white. She does it because her family expects her to have fair skin. Do I think it's crazy ? Yes, but what can you do? Her culture puts fair-skin women on a pedestal.

    As for tanning, some people want to have that "sun-kissed" glow.

    • It is crazy the mentality of some individuals is very shocking!

  • I think all of that's ridiculous!

    AND it physically hurts the person! ...just imagine this: thousands of people on a beach willingly making their skin sizzle in the sun just to 'get a tan'... idiotic ...

  • guess it is a trend.I am originally tan,so yeah I am not gonna change anything about that anymore.

  • I have never ever bleached my skin nor have I even thought about it. I don't even think that many black people do it these days outside of celebrities. I think this is more of an east indian problem. Society looks down on white people being very pale and it looks down on black people being very dark, so people try to meet somewhere in the middle

    • I totally agree with you and what sweet_18 has said, I think that the very fair shade of brown is now more appealing to society in general whereas in the past regardless of your skin colour any association with black was not deemed acceptable. People are now able to express themselves more freely.