How should I/should I get my sister back?

Alright so here's the story. Last week my sister was bent down getting something out of the fridge and her thong was hanging out so I went up behind her and gave one of the straps a little tug(It was one of those three strap ones), but didn't give her a full out thong wedgie and said "LOVE your beautiful thong underwear today".

So a couple days ago my sister had some friends over and I was sitting down folding some laundry and my thong must have been out of my pants or something because the next thing I knew her friends were holding my arms down and laughing while my sister walked up behind me and gave me a FULL ON thong wedgie(Like wayyyyyyy up my butt crack and everything), her friends even gave my underwear a little tug too while laughing. My sister then walked around to my front, pinched my cheeks together and leaned in and said "Payback's a bitch isn't it? Oh and what a BEAUTIFUL butterfly you have on your thong today." She then lightly slapped my face a couple times and smiled before her and her friends walked away.

So what I'm asking is should I do anything to get her or her friends back? If so, what?


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  • It's near enough to Christmas to do what my brother did to me years ago.

    * Buy a lunchbox. Prepare a lunch. Apple, drink, 2 sandwiches with cheese, mayo, tomatoes, lettuce.

    * Superglue the lid of the lunchbox to the lid of a box (to put the lunchbox in). The larger the box the better, though you might need to put something under the lunchbox (so it's not hanging by it's lid). Play with it and you'll figure it out.

    * Oh, and do all this now, in October.

    Come Christmas day, she'll see this great big box with her name on it and be "OH WOW", rip off the lid, along with the lunchbox lid, and consequently get a faceful of god knows what smell.

    (I will never forgive my brother for that).


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  • Well, she went a bit too far, you were just joking around, she humiliated you in front of her friends. But, the adult thing to do is to let it go. If you really want to get her back, hint to her that you are going to do something, she may put up a tough front but trust me, she'll be looking over her shoulder for a while if you're a good enough actress.

  • Your asking how you can one up your sister and her friends when it was you that did it first?

    I call that evens even though she did it much harder.

    Take it as a warning that if you get her back then she will have to get you back AGAIN and much worse AGAIN!

    Walk away, Even Stevens and stop wedgying thongs up each others ass cracks, you may cut in one day and then you will have something to worry about.

  • talk to her not to do that infront of starngers because you'r sisters .


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  • thats terrible. I'd say you two are even. just forget about it before this escalades into something even more embarrassing or hurtful.