How to be more sexy than I am now?

I really need some desperate advice I need to be more sexy but not hoochy. What would appeal to you guys


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  • There is a proverb: "what is for one the owl, is for another the nightingale." I have no idea, if this is also an english proverb. Maybe. If not, I think you understand the sense of it.

    In any case, there is no special recipe for a attractivity possible, because the taste of the both genders is very different.

    But one thing is clear. If you have a good mood, this is an attraction for a lot of other persons.

    To be natural is surely an attraction for a lot of guys too.

    And there is also a kind of law, that it gives barriers between the single classes. But not enough with this, it gives also different peer groups and "circles" of the society.

    So you have to ask yourself, "who I am?" If you know this, then you will know, to whom you can belongs.

    It makes no sense to be the sunny girl for all. Not all humen beeing are fitting for all.

    It is full enough a fitting for a part of the society.


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  • I think zickzack is right about one thing: Being positive, having a nice smile and always being natural (as you feel) is very attractive, and being attractive is a part of being sexy, isn't it?

  • Show skin but not too much because you'll look trashy. A good body helps.

  • showing off doesn't mean sexy

    teasing really meant to be sexy

    generally guys go for the shape i.e., figure maintain it

    dress up yourself to such that your figure should show some impact more over the walking style is more important

    i would like to stare at girls bums when they walk and the bums swing while walking

    these are the things makes you are sex dear!

  • Is the one in your profile a picture of you? Looks professional, perhaps a modeling pic.

  • u can wear more sexy dress and sheer you can go topless on the beach & wear WW bikini and mini - micro bikini . make tatoo


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