I am overthinking this...

i was standing with my friend, and the guy I like (call him bob) and his friend walked up. and bobs friend came and stood beside me. and this whole time bob was staring at me. and then his friend said something about being cold and he moved RIGHT beside me so he was right up on me. and when he did this bob kind of looked away.

i mean I don't want to say he was jealous because that's probably overthinking it but it kinda seemed that way. like he didn't turn back around until I started talking.

and it seems odd to me that he looked away/turned around when his friend was right up on me

i am way voerthinking that right?


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  • you are over thinking it. If you like bob then let him know. Flirt with him.

    But I'll warn you it seems like his friend is the one that might like you. If his friend likes you he may be declined to pursue you. When my friends like someone I usually classify them as off limits. I guess it depend on how good of friends these two guys are.


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  • maby you are maby he likes you too and doesn't want his friend to know. for guys. their mates rate there mates gf's and soo they are scared to like someone because they mite get shit for it. just talk to him with a smile by him self


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  • i think your overthinking it.if it bothers you or whatever, just let bob know by subtle hints that youd rather be near him