Guys: what do you like see girls wearing?

On a night out, what do you like see girls wearing?

Skirts or skinny jeans?

Flats or heels?

Would wearing a lace top for an 18 year old make her look old?

Do you mind if a girl wears lots of dark colours (for the slimming and sexy effect)

Is it ok to show a little bit of cleavage without looking slutty? Also.lots of make up or the natural look?


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  • Yes you can. I like black leather on a girl. And cleavage is good. But also a girl looks good in bright blue. Pink is cool but it will categorize you as a girly girl. And that may be hi maintence. Think Angelina Jolee in tomb raider. Very hot very sexy. Your only slutty if you sleep with a bunch of guys in the same time period. So your outfit realy can't make you slutty. So try black leather blue leather or bright colors. Part of the thing that attracts men to women is there seduction sexuality. The other is there bubbly happy attitude. Do the bright colors to get a large percentage of guys who like the bubbly happy girls. Do the black leather to get the guys who like sex appeal. Wear blue leather and you can get both. But this is just Blue kev talking other guys may have different takes on the particular out fit. But remember we like your up beatness and we like your sexuality. So try either one.


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  • Cleavage really shouldn't even be a factor. If you want to attract that kind of guy who goes for that first, sure do it.

    Skirts, raver pants, heels, platforms, boots.

    And a lace top is fine if you know how to wear it, but no it doesn't make you look old. Also, dark colors are ALWAYS a good thing, but it doesn't hurt to accent it with a bright color. Just don't look like a scene kid. It's a bad thing.

    Natural look is usually the way to go unless you are a cyberpunk type of person, then you sorta require a good amount of make up, but that's for the look.

  • guys aren't into a ton of makeup. we want to see your pretty faces. otherwise wardrobe isn't a gigantic factor in what guys think of you, fyi. but, answering your question... I'd like a skirt, lace is very attractive, any color is fine with me... wear fluorescent pink hahaa. its all about the girl. and to tell the truth, from a guy's prospective, there can never be enough cleavage. I know it sounds like a piggish thing to say, but the only one who says that girls are slutty, are other girls. and you're not out to impress them, screw them. do what you want.

  • Lace tops are a no-no, how do I know this? I'm a metrosexual. (Guy who is straight but has the fashion aspect of a gay dude.)

    1) Skinny Jeans

    2)Go Classic, Go Converse

    3)Lots of dark colors, no, Go for a median saturation.

    4)Yes, I recommend a push up bra, doesn't show too much, and it makes breasts look perky without making the host look like a whore.

    Good luck!

  • I'm all about variety, and what the girl feels most confident in.

    In answer to your questions.

    How I am feeling right now: Skinny Jeans, Flats, I'm not fully sure what a lace top is but I bet it wouldn't, I like dark colors, it is definitely possible to show cleavage without looking slutty, and I think the make up depends on what the night out involves.

  • Skinny jeans. Unrevealing band sweatshirts. Converse.

    You know the look.


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  • i think it shouldn't really matter because you know at the end of the night they'll be wanting to see you out of those close anyway.

    • Lol yea that's what I said.......most guys would prefer naked lol

    • Nah, leave something to the imagination. Guys like something that reveals skin but not everything. A trenchcoat with nothing on and she surprises you at the door. Very memorable. She's shaking her butt in the kitchen wearing nothing but an apron... yeah, really hot. A long shirt with nothing else on, very nice.