How often to girls shave their legs and how long does it take?

just wondering cause' I took a hour and half nap and friend was still in the bathroom. I figured she would be totally done but she came out like if she just took a shower.


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  • It takes me about 15 minutes to shave my legs. I shave them when I feel like it. I'm usually not suspecting anyone to run their hand up my leg so its not a total concern to have my legs be super smooth. I shave them when I can not longer take how long it is.


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  • takes me about 10 minutes. like once a week. the hair on my legs doesn't grow back fast.

  • Usually every other day, and it just takes an extra 5 min in the shower :)

  • every day. 5 minutes.

  • It usually takes me 10-15 min and evry 3rd or 4th day I have to keep shaving, I usually do it in the shower when my hair is shampooed up <3

  • I do about every other day (I hate hair). It takes about 10 minutes (including exfoliating and shaving). It took longer when I was younger because I had to be a lot more careful.

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