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How often to girls shave their legs and how long does it take?

just wondering cause' I took a hour and half nap and friend was still in the bathroom. I figured she would be totally done but she came out like if... Show More

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  • It takes me about 15 minutes to shave my legs. I shave them when I feel like it. I'm usually not suspecting anyone to run their hand up my leg so its not a total concern to have my legs be super smooth. I shave them when I can not longer take how long it is.

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  • Every other day. I would thread the hair off but that takes too long and I get impatient.

  • It usually takes me 10-15 min and evry 3rd or 4th day I have to keep shaving, I usually do it in the shower when my hair is shampooed up <3

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    • welcome, here to help ^_^

  • I do about every other day (I hate hair). It takes about 10 minutes (including exfoliating and shaving). It took longer when I was younger because I had to be a lot more careful.

  • I usually use hair remover lotion from nair and I put it on and after 10 minute rinse the hair off in the shower...when I used to shave my huge legs lol it look like 30-40 minutes...i don't know why I do it so slow..

    But I remover the hair every 2 weeks...my hair grows slow. lucky me lol.

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    • does that sting?

    • nope...unless you keep it on too long.

  • takes me about 10 minutes. like once a week. the hair on my legs doesn't grow back fast.

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  • Usually every other day, and it just takes an extra 5 min in the shower :)

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  • Everyday cause I absolutely can't stand stubble. And it takes me 10 minutes tops.

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  • every day. 5 minutes.

    • per leg.

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  • every few days and it takes a long time

  • She probably wasn't shaving just her legs. If you want to get the job done right, it could take half an hour. I have to bend weird ways in order to make sure I'm getting the back of my thighs without giving myself cuts or razor burn.

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  • It depends on the girl. How long is determined by how often and by her hair growth rate. Some girls (myself included) prefer to shave only occasionally, for special events or when we feel like it, just because our hair grows so fast that it is a nuisance to constantly maintain those perfectly smooth legs. For me personally, I don't even find shaving to be worth it anymore, since my hair is so dark and my skin so pale, I have little dark flecks all over my legs, even if I've just shaved.

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  • Every other day and it takes about 5 minutes in total because my leg hair is really thin and not that noticable so I don't have to shave perfectly

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  • Shaving your legs is so annoying. Usually in winter I don't shave as often, because I wear long pants everyday so nobody sees anyways. In summer though, I have to shave about every other day or so. For me, shaving takes quite awhile...maybe an extra 15 min. but I don't know if it's because of my very bad eyesight so its harder to see where I need to shave etc.

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