What is the the sexiest thing about a girl?

Just wondering what is the sexiest thing about a girl? and I'm not really looking for any thing gross:)


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  • It depends on the guy, but I like a girl's curves, mind you I'm not saying I like overweight girls, but girls with CURVES. Some women lately have started saying they're "curvy" as a polite way of calling themselves overweight and it has totally tarnished the hour-glass shape "curvy" description.


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  • The way she holds her gaze and her head when she looks at you. Does she **** her head a little, toss it when she smiles? These little movements telegraph a lot of feeling compared to someone who face and head are immobile when they are talking to you.Any girl can look good with the right clothes, but sexiness defies style and whether she has just the 'right' shape.

  • if she actually likes you and if she puts some effort into it instead of waiting for you. I mean really I feel that girls don't like me because they never are blunt on anything or do anything to initiate something.

  • I think a girl that can realy dance to music is sexy. Like when I saw Bioncey dancing on Snl this week it was realy hot. But why would a guy be attracted to something gross? Like I've never heard a guy say that girl picked her nose and it was sexy.

    • Sorry I ment volgar, or expliced.

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