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Can you call a man beautiful?

I was wondering if you can call a man beautiful without them getting offended? I say 'your beautiful' because I am describing how they look and their personality, and they are beautiful to me.Am I offending them as it is stereotypically a word used to describe women?

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  • I get called that a lot.It's very flattering.But it's a very impersonal comment coming from a gal.

  • who would get offended because you called them beautiful?sounds like they'd have a pretty big ego if they did...youre fine, anyone classy person would be thankful to think you think they are beautiful

  • For me it would not bother me, but for many men I am sure it would offend them. To me it is just a word used to describe how desirable someone is, but to some people it is describing femininity. I hope I was able to help.

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