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Do you know what goes into your cosmetics?

Things most girls CAN'T live without. Have you any idea what goes in them?!?! TALLOW - Animal fats. Comes from all the unused parts of sheep and... Show More

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  • I buy vegan cosmetics, all natural stuff when I can. So no animal fat for me. You didn't mention Carmine which is ground up beetle shells used as a red pigment in blushes and fish scales are used in some shimmery nail polishes. I'm vegetarian but buy vegan cosmetics so I'm free from that grossness, I don't want that on my face or nails

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  • you want me to cry when I'm washing my hair and moisturizing my body? would that make you feel better?

    • Only if you get it on video and put it on YouTube! Instant viral video! XD

    • its hard to cry over that if it smells so pretty haha

  • It rubs the lotion on its skin...

    • I motion for a BEST ANSWER. Anyone second my motion?

  • Shit happens.

  • those aren't as bad as faux lash glue (like those from DUO and Ardell) containing Formaldehyde aka the stuff morticians use to preserve corpses.

  • I don't wear make-up or any of that sh*t. But If I did, I would buy vegan cosmetics like Mangageek.

    • Yay! The stuff I use works just as well as typical cosmetics

  • Well slather me in animal fat. I could care less. At least we're using multiple parts of the animals that we kill for food.

  • Who cares?

    Atleast they're using animals completely and not wasting anything.

    Actually it makes me feel better. I used to think they just carve out certain areas of meat in animals and throw the rest away so it's great they're putting everything they can into good use.


  • So you'll stop using soap and moisturisers? I don't see anything wrong with this since it is all natural. I can understand if you would have listed chemical ingredients but we now have access to more organic/mineral based makeup lines to choose from so it doesn't matter. I would be more concerned for people that smoke cigarettes.

  • Yeah I knew that.

    I don't care. Millions of people use it

    and I don't think most would stop even

    if they found that out. Our skin and hair looks

    10 times better with all that, than it would without.

  • It might have nasty stuff in it, but as long as its not harmful, I'd rather not know...I need make up!

  • I only wear lipstick, & I only use organic lipstick. Mocha ^^

    Yes what you wrote reminds me of Uptons Sinclair's "The Jungle"

    good job tomato ;)

    • {Cruelty Fre, Carmine Free, Gluten Free.

      Organic : Coconut oil. Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera, Castor Seed Oil, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit.

      Mocha Velvet ^^

  • i actually did know that. :p I feel indifferent.

  • Would you prefer women didn't wear make-up or use any of these products?

    • Yes.

    • Ideally, sure. However, realistically, most men prefer women who wear make-up. I say this as a feminist vegetarian. Don't hate.

    • I eat meat and rub makeup off during crazy sexcapades! One of these things are unnecessary. I'll give you a clue, one is hot and ready to be eaten... =)

  • It's a good thing I rarely wear make-up. But I think a better question for the guys is how do you now feel? Think about all of the girls you've made out with that were were wearing make-up and what could have ended up in your mouth!

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