Do you know what goes into your cosmetics?

Things most girls CAN'T live without. Have you any idea what goes in them?!?!

TALLOW - Animal fats. Comes from all the unused parts of sheep and cows after slaughter (heads, feet, anything which isn't eaten by crushing and boiling the fats out of them) FOUND IN - SOAP, HAIR CONDITIONER, fabric conditioner

LANOLIN - Natural animal grease (like greasy hair) Comes from animal hydes (sheep in particular) Found in, MOISTURISERS, LIPSTICK ;) (HAHAHAHA... HA!) baby oil, nearly ALL skin care products

Did you know this? How do you feel?


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  • I buy vegan cosmetics, all natural stuff when I can. So no animal fat for me. You didn't mention Carmine which is ground up beetle shells used as a red pigment in blushes and fish scales are used in some shimmery nail polishes. I'm vegetarian but buy vegan cosmetics so I'm free from that grossness, I don't want that on my face or nails


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  • It rubs the lotion on its skin...

  • It might have nasty stuff in it, but as long as its not harmful, I'd rather not know...I need make up!

  • Shit happens.

  • Who cares?

    Atleast they're using animals completely and not wasting anything.

    Actually it makes me feel better. I used to think they just carve out certain areas of meat in animals and throw the rest away so it's great they're putting everything they can into good use.


  • those aren't as bad as faux lash glue (like those from DUO and Ardell) containing Formaldehyde aka the stuff morticians use to preserve corpses.

  • you want me to cry when I'm washing my hair and moisturizing my body? would that make you feel better?

    • Only if you get it on video and put it on YouTube! Instant viral video! XD

    • its hard to cry over that if it smells so pretty haha

  • So you'll stop using soap and moisturisers? I don't see anything wrong with this since it is all natural. I can understand if you would have listed chemical ingredients but we now have access to more organic/mineral based makeup lines to choose from so it doesn't matter. I would be more concerned for people that smoke cigarettes.

  • Well slather me in animal fat. I could care less. At least we're using multiple parts of the animals that we kill for food.

  • I only wear lipstick, & I only use organic lipstick. Mocha ^^

    Yes what you wrote reminds me of Uptons Sinclair's "The Jungle"

    good job tomato ;)

    • {Cruelty Fre, Carmine Free, Gluten Free.

      Organic : Coconut oil. Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera, Castor Seed Oil, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit.

      Mocha Velvet ^^

  • Yeah I knew that.

    I don't care. Millions of people use it

    and I don't think most would stop even

    if they found that out. Our skin and hair looks

    10 times better with all that, than it would without.

  • I don't wear make-up or any of that sh*t. But If I did, I would buy vegan cosmetics like Mangageek.

  • i actually did know that. :p I feel indifferent.

  • It's a good thing I rarely wear make-up. But I think a better question for the guys is how do you now feel? Think about all of the girls you've made out with that were were wearing make-up and what could have ended up in your mouth!

  • Would you prefer women didn't wear make-up or use any of these products?

    • Ideally, sure. However, realistically, most men prefer women who wear make-up. I say this as a feminist vegetarian. Don't hate.

    • I eat meat and rub makeup off during crazy sexcapades! One of these things are unnecessary. I'll give you a clue, one is hot and ready to be eaten... =)

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