What ethnicity do you like, guys?

Black guy, white guy, puerto rican guy, I like them all.

So guys I want to know what ethnicity you would. And would not date. Down to the nitty gritty, I want to know in my life time I've liked all ethnicity I see nothing wrong with that. I think that someones ethnicity should not determine whether you have a connection or not. What is it that you don't like about one girls ethnicity, petite, flat ass, fat ass, curves, no curves.chinky eyes, is it the hair, the way they talk. Tell me what you think?


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  • I'm white, and I'm attracted to every ethnicity, I think. I can't think of one that I'm not. Every ethnicity has attractive girls and some not so attractive girls. They all very slight physical differences like the skin color, hair color, eye color, certain facial features, but that's pretty much it. Nothing that would turn me away.


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  • I have never met a Korean girl that was cute enough to date,and I hear that Eskimo's have F'd up teeth so that's a no go.

    There are too many elasticities out there for me to have met them all; but black girls are sexy as hell ,and the British accent one I met had drove me crazy.

    I think the stereotypical Fiery Hispanic girl would probably be right up my ally too.

    • Are you white or black... what do you think abt haitians and jamaicans I'm mixed with both...

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    • I was just playing QA haha. I'm sure you're adorable than, I'm just not a personal fan of the Jamaican accent.

    • No I have no accent what's so ever just the articulate being that I am...

  • anything but white.


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  • LOL @ "chinky eyes".

    i think I've been attracted to men of all races. so I guess I like them all. however for caucasian guys..i tend to be more attracted to the darker looking types (brown hair, dark features) rather than the blond/light-eyes type.

    • Me too. I do like Caucasian men bt I tend to also be more attracted to darker features but I don't know why

  • who uses the word "chinky"?

    • Hey some people like that kinda face and diet, and everyone uses that word just not in public cause people are so damn sensitive.

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    • What ever makes them so damn thin. 200 or so Asian students from overseas at my college and 3/4 of them are girls. I've seen maybe 3 that are over 115.

    • @dll16634 that is a derogatory word, hence the judgement. You trying to defend the op for using the word, would make you ignorant and most likely uneducated.