Can Victoria Secret Love Spell Products withstand Texas Heat?

I mean I take the bus most of the time and I live in Texas, right now its hot. But I feel as if I have wasted my money (not a lot they had a sale) on love spell body wash, lotion and perfume because I'm always self conscious of if I stink or not when I go into a building. I even carry deodorant around with me. Its also my concern when I talk to guys I want to smell good no matter who they are. What can I do?


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  • Hun, I live in Tx also, so I definitely know what you mean. My friends and I use Love Spell products and it for her it lasts a tad bit longer than it does for me, but that's cause she also uses the body wash where as I have the lotion and perfume but not the body wash.

    If you really want it to take, I suggest before using the body wash, you use a fragrance free body wash such as Dove, Pears or whatever else is similar to clean your body beforehand, THEN use the scented body wash.


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  • Wear an edp instead of a body spray, it will last all day with just one spritz because it's strong. Any brand would work but I personally love lavanila fragrances. Especially their grapefruit and passionfruit ones. Just use unscented lotion and bath products to make sure you don't smell then apply perfume

  • I think bodymist are way to light and not very potent.. They do stick very much. Im from Texas too and they are so fleeting.. They are refreshing spritzers but not long lasting. I'd stick with a perfume as they are concentrated and meant to last longer.