Why are very old men attracted to me?

I'm 22 years old and it seems like I usually attract old men ( VERY old) not guys my age... For example, usually I'm hired when very old guys interview me, and I get hit on old guys.

Im not overweight, I'm normal weight, and people say I look really young for a college student...

I would like to attract guys who are around my age and not old geezers...

What are the reasons for attracting very old guys? And how can I attract guys my age?

Only serious replies! Thanks!


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  • Some girls like older guys. An 18 girl thought I was too young. And I thought that was odd. Older men generally are attracted to younger women. Shit happens. Then again, some older men aren't fussy who they shag and see you as a one night stand. While guys in your own age bracket probably are fussy. This sounds bad, but might be true why you're not getting hit on often.

    But if you haven't realized by now, lots of guys are shy of messing up and feel if they got rejected by you, they've messed up their chance. So some of your close male friends are probably making friends with you so they can get to know you and maybe get with you later. Look around you, some of those guys you fancy and refuse to ask you out straight, probably fancy the pants off you.

    Or, go to a bar with one of your hot mates. Speak with two guys first, tell them to buy you your drinks. And take it from there.

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      that's true... guys my own age don't hit on me often...at school, there are some guys that approach me in classes, but I'm not usually attracted to them... maybe I am really not that attractive

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      I hope I didn't come across as an ass or something. Don't feel like you're unattractive. The opposite also works badly too. If you're super hot, guys will be extra shy. I was like this when I was younger. Now, I'll chat anyone up. You're probably a babe and you don't know it.

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      well, I don't know about that, but I know that I'm not unattractive, but not attractive enough so that guys get shy around me...although it seems like some guys are a bit hesitant to approach me, like in school for example...