I like him but I'm not attracted to him :/ HELP PLEASE!

There's this guy I've been best friends with since I'm twelve , I don't mean this in a harsh way , but I really am not attracted to him ! but yet still love his personality , he plays guitar and makes me laugh , and I think I love him ! but yeah , it's hard , I mean , ... yeah ... I don't know what to do , since recently he told me he had feelings for me ... HELP PLEASE !


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  • well, it all depends what you want, you have the control. he already made the first move and now its urs. why not be with your best friend, 1 who knows you inside out, you know. he has it all...,but your not attracted to him.maybe because you never saw him in that light...dnt think about it like as if he is your brother or anything like that OK. or say no, jst for the fact that you dnt want to ruin yalls great friendship..if thought like that, he would have kept if for himself..think about it as,.jst as the wonderful guy he is. maybe you can try it out, see where it goes. if it dnt work out, yall can always be friends,or maybe not..u never know when feelings are involved.,speaking frm personal experience, if it doesn't work out, well , that's part of life you know, you can't have it all,for too long..maybe he always had a crush on you ,and now he told u..its your move, in any way, it happened and now it could never be the same. it could be the best thing that could have ever happened or the worst.,good luck on your choice..


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  • Oh let's see I have the same problem. I love him and he's crazy about me and has made that clear but I'm not attracted to the way he looks. He's funny sweet and all the good things lol . But I'm not attracted to him. But he's attracted to me and all and it doesn't seem fair to him for me to think that. He was cute when we first met four years ago but we only been dating since this year but I think that will change because he's gonna loose weight when we goes into the military. I probably didn't help .