Why do guys find the emo look hot?

iv noticed most guys adore the emo look on a girl. Why?


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  • Define "emo."

    Emo is actually just one branch of a whole conglomerate of darker alternative styles, but I find that people who don't know that tend to use "emo" as an umbrella term for emos, goths, punks, scene kids, steampunks, and other "alternative" styles. This really shouldn't happen. Each subculture has a general look which is vastly different from the other, with different looks within each subculture. Oftentimes, a subculture puts more importance on the music and literature it brings forth instead of the clothing, but that's another story. You want to know about the clothing, and why guys your age seem to be attracted to it.

    "Emo" comes from the word "emotional," and was used to describe a genre of music. Since then, it's evolved into a whole subculture, but it seems to be most prevalent in younger teens, who usually eventually grow out of it. (What they grow into is a different story. . .) Maybe boys your age like it for the same reasons the "emo girls" are the way they are; being with them feels rebellious, a little wilder, and a bit different from the same-old. Like the emos themselves, many will grow out of it.

    Or, perhaps, they like the girl for her personality instead of her appearance. That's always a good reason.

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  • It's not a guy thing. It's a guys 14-18 thing. They'll grow out of it. Trust me.

  • To be honest, the emo look bothers me. Ick.

  • It's easy to get into an emo girls panties

  • I personally don't. May be an age difference issue though.

  • Its a preference thing. All the guys at my school like preppy cheer leaders and they make me sick. Everybody has their own attractions.

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  • I also used to think guys adore that but then I realized it's only a phase for some guys. Most of my guy friends think it's hilarious or scary when they see a emo girl. I also find it hilarious myself. :/

  • Well. Here's your problem. You're putting this up as if all guys do, when in fact, the majority does not. To each their own. I know my friend likes them for hook ups but doesn't see them to be marriage material.

    • oh I see. just about every guy in my town is into it

  • A lot of guys these days have a thing for girls with too much eye liner on ,they just don't like to admit it.

  • what guys have you been hanging around?