How much muscle can a girl realistically add without looking manly/unattractive?

I'm the type of girl who has the genetics to pack on muscle easily if I want to. And I'd like to try it out. But I need your input! I don't want it to turn guys off, so I need guys (and girls, if you can help too) to present their opinion on where they think is "just right" as far as how much muscle looks good on a woman. Link pics, link youtube vids, use descriptions, I don't care! I just want to add as much muscle as I can without crossing that line where it's no longer attractive or feminine. So help me out! <3



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  • some muscle tone in the thighs can look extremely sexy to me.

    firm but not buff arms and shoulders are pretty coo, tho I don't really pay attention to arms unless they just look bad.

    a toned ass is definitely hot, super hot.

    and a bit of abs is also good, not a real six pack tho, that turns me off.

    but that's just my taste, which really doesn't mater, cause you can look however you want, there will always be someone who wants you.


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  • link That is too much

    A bit of muscle definition on the abs are nice but not too much

  • toned is good, seeing big muscles on a woman for me is a little off putting.

    it's not that easy to just pack on muscle anyway, it takes a lot of work and it's a gradual process, you can just decide when enough is enough and stop :)

  • It's not a line. Most men want to be bigger than the woman they are with. So if you start packing on muscle, you're going to want to date other muscleheads.

  • Muscle is very sexy <3


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