Guys, what's the thing you like MOST about the ladies?

It can be anything- the way their bodies look, personality, whatever.


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  • I don't really care anymore. Not in a sad way, I mean the only thing that matters to me now is getting along with a girl. Her body I can learn to love, her personality I can learn to accommodate.

    • Ya sound like me wen I was younger... lol

    • I've been on that other side where I had very distinct preferences... they're just imprints you know. But heck, I will take that as a compliment. ;)


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  • I may not be a guy. but I can say what I like about other girls.

    I love their figure. It's so beautiful, and when naked and posed, it's a wonderful sight. Lush, smooth curves, the breasts that just kind of stand there proud and when the girl's comfortable in their own skin, they seem to glow and their stance almost reminds me of an challenge to another girl to show off her body.

    I'm sure most guys would agree that our figures are perhaps the best. Either that or our expressive eyes.

    • Oh yeah... hips, lips and round tips does it 4 me... plus a lady that can give me more than a physical relationship don't hurt either

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    • God I love how a woman can describe something and it just pops a picture right into your head

    • Lol, thanks Talbot. I'm an artist and have done some female nude art. Which is probably why I can describe well! Women take forever to ready themselves. They want to look their best before seeing a guy they are dating, like or just to turn heads. Builds confidence in their looks when they can get a guy to turn and look at them or do a double take. I'm sorry about your finacee. At least you figured it out before you married and then perhaps never do anything or mess with divorce papers.

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  • I love a woman who can be herself and has a sense of humor, looks don't matter too much I have dated all shapes and sizes of women, though green eyes and blonde or light brown hair really get me too

  • I like waists and necks and tongues and WOW everything really but what I really love is CONFIDENCE that is SO SEXY

    She has to be funny otherwise every things boring!

  • I love girls with beautiful eyes. They entrace me. I can never seem to stop staring. Body figure isn't too much of an issue to me.