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Which shade of red should I dye my hair?

Everyone says my hair looks best red, and as much of a pain it is upkeep, I have to agree. Now I just have to decide which shade of red to dye it.

I'm between bright Hayley Williams red: link

and a sort of magenta/black cherry red: link

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  • I'd tend to say the bright red, but I don't know how they look on you. Got any pictures of you when your hair was red?

    • Yeah, here's a few: link


      It was kind of a reddish brown.

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    • I'm a fan of funky colors. Also, whenever I have red hair is fades really fast, so either would fade into a more natural looking red within a month.

    • I think the magenta would look better on you, actually.

What Guys Said 7

  • Are you trying to make a statement? lol

    Good lord, dying ones hair unnatural colors, well if you should do one of them, go with the first one. You'll look more like a Japanese Anime character, the second better if you want to look creepy.

  • the first link is better, go bright.

  • I love the first one! I'm not loving the second too much. It's too purplish. I would say that I wouldn't be able to stop staring if you dyed it the first red, and since you are going for a bold look, I think that if you were to dye a black streak in the front, it would look super sexy!

  • Brighter the better

  • you remind me of Uma Thurman.

    I think you should go for a more natural shade of red. Both of those are offensive. No offense...

  • The second one.

  • I like the dark red hair on most girls.

    • well I don't like that particular dark red color but I tend to like dark red.

What Girls Said 11

  • The first one is better, but I think you should just go for a natural auburn.

  • hayley williams red. try straightening your hair too!

  • I loooove the bright red. The darker one looks kinda purple.

  • The second one!

  • Wow, those are all really really REALLY bright reds. Um, the magenta one, I guess...I think it match you more but if I can really suggest, I think you should pick something TAMER. You have to be punk to pull bright hair off. But I love red hair so either way is fine, I guess.

  • bright red

  • The first one. Bright red.

  • Do the Haley Red.

    I sort of like the magenta...but its too fun...and crazy...although its a cool color.

  • the first one

    the second one is too childish and tooc oustumey

  • first link.

    black cherry looks a bit cheap.

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