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Why do you wear g-strings, girls?

Do you wear them for any other reason other than to prevent underwear lines?

For what other reason do you wear them?

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What Guys Said 2

  • Because they are hot as hell. Common opinion is the less the better. BTW, nice profile pic. its really cool.

  • They look better than a regular thong. That's for sure.

What Girls Said 11

  • I feel sexy and I find them to be comfortable. 90% of my wardrobe are thongs.

  • For no underwear lines

  • i don't wear g-strings out because they're uncomfortable as hell. plus they're not that great at preventing VPLs either. I wear cheekies (the seamless type) instead. can't see a thing & still sexy.

    • forgot to answer your question. I wear them only in the bedroom :p

    • VPL?

      And pics or it didn't happen :P hah.

    • VPL = visible panty line. hahaha

  • I like them and so does my boyfriend lol.

  • I think they are comfy and they look good.

  • i mostly wear them for the lack or panty lines, like panty lines under dress pants look awful lol, but I also find them really comfortable and they make me feel more "sexy" then full underwear, so those are pretty much the reasons in order lol, lack of panty line, theyre comfortable, and they make me feel better then full undies

  • For the comfort.

    My butt cheeks like freedom :) haha

  • for the comfort, the sexiness & the practicality, of course :)

  • makes me feel sexy lol

  • I don't.

    • Me either.

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